As long as you plant your garlic at the proper time, it’s very simple to cultivate. The “stinking rose,” which has a strong flavor and a variety of culinary applications, also functions as a bug deterrent in the garden and has been used as a home medicine for ages. White Garlic Pure The form of garlic without purple streaks on the skin is known as pure white garlic, sometimes known as snow white garlic. Typically, it costs more than pure white garlic. We choose only the best garlic bulbs and bundle them in little mesh bags in various sizes, such as 3P, 4P, 250g, 500g, and 1kg.

 Customers may deliver them right to grocery stores for sale. Variety of garlic in pre-packs: Pure white garlic, first (snow white).saffron garlic Aged Black Garlic: What Is It? Black garlic is garlic that has undergone a natural fermentation process to release potent antioxidants while completely eliminating any odor and flavor! It tastes acidic and sweet.

There are two kinds of peeled garlic cloves: fresh peeled garlic and frozen peeled garlic. The temperature should be kept at -18 c for frozen ones. A frozen one costs less than a fresh one. Garlic oil appears to be useful in reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease and low blood pressure occlusive disease, which can lead to blood vessel wall occlusion.

Our company was founded in 2005 and from that time till now we are one of the top wholesale garlic exporters from China. We are pleased to offer our clients fresh Chinese-made and Chinese-grown garlic. As a seasoned exporter of China garlic, we have extensive knowledge in the cultivation, harvest, selection, processing, packing, refrigeration, transportation, and export of China garlic. With Chinese garlic cultivation, we are able to provide our clients premium Chinese garlic at affordable wholesale pricing, as well as an excellent garlic delivery service. We are the greatest option if you’re looking for organic garlic in China.

Garlic production in china :

Although garlic is largely used for culinary flavor, it also has health-promoting properties. It has been grown for a long time in China and is known as suan. It is said to have been imported from Mongolia. Since garlic does not produce seeds, it is propagated vegetatively utilizing segments of cloves (each coated by a protective sheath) generated within bulbs. garlic mesh bags Garlic bulbs contain ten leaves that are linked to the plant’s main axis. The clove of garlic, as opposed to the leaves or stem, is where nutrients and water are predominantly kept. When the roots and leaves wither, separate cloves are created.

Why Pick Fenduni As Your Supplier For Chinese Garlic?

We cultivate and export fresh garlic from China from the largest garlic-growing base on earth. A key position is held by Fenduni in the Chinese market for garlic. Our main market is fresh garlic wholesale. We have grown to be one of China’s top wholesale suppliers of garlic.

Our China fresh garlic is meticulously chosen by hand. To offer our clients the finest service for wholesale fresh garlic, we uphold stringent quality standards and an effective management system.

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Our star product :

Purple garlic:

When fresh, purple garlic has a milder flavor and is “juicier” than white garlic. Purple garlic is occasionally sold in some supermarkets, but you’re more likely to find it at farmers’ markets and in specialized shops.

Difference between purple and white garlic:

Everyone is familiar with garlic, in my opinion. Purple garlic is a necessary component of many delectable dishes. This is a result of purple garlic’s high nutritional content. Garlic has various advantages, including delicious flavor, antioxidants, and minerals, versatility in processing, and months of consumption when stored properly. Garlic is a common food across the world. Numerous botanists have enhanced the content, look, flavor, and size of old wild garlic throughout a trip spanning ages and countries.