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ISBN: I feel like I just blinked and is already half gone! With each passing year, time seems to speed up — maybe it had a gentler, less frantic trajectory when we measured its passage according to the seasons and not how long it takes for something to download? And yet when I think back on the year, so much has happened. COVID continues to impact our lives and while businesses and individuals are adjusting to the new normal, the growth of socioeconomic and geopolitical tensions have been exacerbated by 3 years of the pandemic.

Russia and Ukraine loom large – with North Korea firing 3 ballistic missiles into the sea for good measure. That was in February — and in May, one of the best pieces of news I received was that our unemployment rate had dropped in Q1.

With only a thousand kilometres separating them, Durban and Gqeberha have been pummeled by opposite ends of the climate change extreme events spectrum: flood and drought. Fittingly, at Davos this year, sustainability, adaptation and mitigation were top of the agenda. Also strengthening the voice from the South, Damon Galgut won the Booker prize for his novel The Promise which I am busy reading and the Gift of the Givers organisation continues to do wonderful humanitarian work across the globe.

Celebrating success is what we do here at Topco Media — and this bumper 17th edition of our flagship publication Standard Bank Top Women Leaders is no exception. Leila Fourie, CEO of the JSE, graces our front cover and inside we have an abundance of articles, interviews, podcasts, as well as tips and advice celebrating entrepreneurship, empowerment, leadership, tenacity and innovation.

One of the great things about being digi-first is that we are able to embed links into our content for your edification and delight and in this edition our podcasts include Shirley Zinn, Vera Songwe, Rolene Strauss, Mariana Santos, Aisha Baker and Mushfiqoh Samodien. We hope you enjoy the read. BeSafe Gratitude.

I too have experienced a devastating loss. I lost my mom to. What is grounding me is the gratitude that I have for the time we did have with her. We want to be the bank, which, across the continent, has the highest number of customers who survive through this time with their businesses intact and their livelihoods intact.

However, more than anything, very close to my heart, is the ability to continue to pay all salaries to secure the livelihoods of our people.

During the pandemic we continued to pay a hundred percent of all salaries. As an organisation, we want to create the highest value for our shareholders. Success is not about the one who has got the highest profit or even the lowest loss. Success, right now, means providing the best support to the people of our continent. In South Africa alone, over 3 million people have lost their jobs. There are many women out there who have children that do not have access to the Internet and therefore cannot attend on-line school classes.

Conversations are now more important than ever. Some of the conversations we need to have are. How are we going to help each other? How do we help our businesses survive? How do we make sure that we can get out of this so that we can live, and continue to pay school fees and buy groceries for our children?

We also must think beyond survival. We must think about thriving. We need to think about how we start making pivots in our business models to ensure that our business is in fact future ready. We also need to think about how we prepare the next generation of women and our children to be ready to thrive.

I am hoping that we can use this time we are in to redefine leadership. Perhaps we can pivot success and leadership away from wanting more and more and make it more about giving. We must also start having a conversation which redefines success and leadership for the young women and young men of this country and this continent, so that ultimately humanity can continue to thrive and survive through this time. I believe that ultimately, leadership is giving by creating additional value that will grow our continent.

In her latest interview with us, Lindy-Lou talks about courageous leadership during the pandemic, and how South African women who are struggling to survive in these difficult times, can prevail.

Please unpack your role at Standard Bank. What excites you about being a Marketing Executive for the Bank? Being responsible for that transformation and observing its positive impact on communities is rewarding.

Financial empowerment is a core enabler of many things, which results in progress and makes dreams possible. In your view, how important is localisation for the South African economy? Localisation is critical for rebuilding and strengthening our local economies.

It shifts economic activity into the hands of many of our small to medium sized enterprises that are currently challenged due to the pandemic. Many South Africans have lost their jobs, unemployment figures are rising, and income levels. These businesses are owned by our neighbours, families and friends, they influence our lives every day, often in infinitesimal but sometimes in grand, immeasurable ways.

Small regional businesses collaborate to create products that serve community needs thereby strengthening community cohesion. This also drives awareness to consumers about products, thereby increasing the customer base.

As a bank, we partner with clients to grow and help build their legacy. So, we can do all of their financial management and take that stress away. From an educational and an assistance point of view, we plan to continue our awareness campaigns. Our digital banking offerings are always being streamlined and refined to enable more contactless transactions.

We also provided discretionary relief on credit agreement instalments for up to 3 months for customers unable to earn an income during the prescribed period — April — June Qualifying Standard Bank Business Current account holders and owners of a small business with a turnover of less than Rmillion a year, were offered a day payment holiday on their credit cards, home loans, and vehicle asset finance for the prescribed period — April to June Clients with existing student loans who met the requisite criteria were also offered a payment deferment for the prescribed day period as a relief measure.

Small Enterprise customers with an annual turnover of R20 million and over annually were also offered payment relief for the period April — June In line with our COVID Business and SMME Support initiative, customers in financial distress due to being negatively impacted by COVID lockdown and the resultant slowdown in the economy, were offered a loan linked to the prime interest rate to help cover operating expenses such as salaries, lease agreements, fulfilment of supplier contractual obligations, utilities, etc.

Africa is our home and we drive her growth. What does it mean to you to be a courageous leader in these times?

Being a courageous leader means showing up and being conscious of the energy that one transfers. The time to empower is now; people need hope now. We believe that empowering women can accelerate growth in Africa as is evident in our support of initiatives such as the UN Women He4She movement.

We also recognise the positive societal impact made by phenomenal female entrepreneurs by sponsoring initiatives like Top Women, among others. I am also giving talks and mentoring women. What gets you up in the morning? My passion for life and my desire to inspire positive transformation through leading with a purpose. If you had an extra hour in the day, how would you spend it? I would honestly use it to talk more and take longer walks with my teenage daughter, Lebone.

I would force her to talk and remove her headphones; that would be my power hour of quality time with my princess. Do you have a message for the women out there struggling to survive in these difficult times? Each day in my role is never the same as another, which keeps it exciting.

I really enjoy engaging with businesses and understanding how they have achieved and grown as they have. Business owners and entrepreneurs have achieved so much in an extremely challenging environment and I am always fascinated by their stories. As Head of Business Clients at Standard Bank South Africa, I see my role as being incredibly important to not only serve as a leader to the Business Clients team by providing strategic direction and leading the team to achieve our goals, but also to serve as a leader in building our nation.

My job also allows me the opportunity to tackle complex problems with colleagues as well as keep up to date with a dynamic financial services environment, which keeps things stimulating and exciting. In line with our purpose to grow Africa, I truly believe that the work we do to support businesses and help them grow results in economic growth and positive social outcomes.

We recognise the importance of helping female entrepreneurs to start, manage and grow their businesses. There are also plans underway to reach women entrepreneurs and support them with registering their business, opening a bank account, and preparing funding applications in addition to providing other types of support. We have so many success stories that speak to our mission to become a leading partner for businesses deeply invested in the growth of our clients; and especially our female clients helping them become active participants in and contributors to the economy, creating employment and uplifting the communities they operate within — paving the way for other female entrepreneurs.

For those businesses looking to find alternative ways to network with other businesses and diversify their client base with customers globally, we encourage them to join TradeClub which is our exclusive digital platform that allows one to explore new markets around the world or.

I think this is so true for entrepreneurs. Becoming a business owner is no easy job; you must have a vision for your business and be ambitious enough to realise it.

To participate in government procurement processes and supply chain opportunities, women-owned businesses should start by ensuring that their business is procurement ready — do you have all the resources required to successfully get the job done?

Can you demonstrate your ability to deliver on the contract in your application? Standard Bank Enterprise Development runs the Women Empowerment Presidency initiative which is aimed at the development of black women-owned businesses to be procurement ready.

Government will ring-fence procurement opportunities that banks are expected to fund to support SMEs and help them build capacity to deliver. We have also recently launched the Basali Southern Sotho name for women Development Programme in August , which is an in-depth skills development programme reaching women that will run for 12 months focusing on design thinking, business management , business process and compliance, legal, financial literacy, digital marketing and sales, and personal mastery as key modules amongst others.

They may find it more difficult to secure investors or raise collateral for loans compared to their male counterparts.

These duties make it harder for a woman to dedicate her time towards running a business. We have had to work harder to prove that we deserve a seat at the table and can be taken seriously in our chosen professions and careers. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading novels and I try to get a game of golf in every now and then.

Venus and Serena Williams — strong female athletes with great success as professional tennis players. Michelle Obama — she is such an inspiring female leader and a true supporter of women supporting women. And of course, Nelson Mandela, the greatest leader South Africa has ever known. Dessert would have to be chocolate fondant — I am not a dessert person, but this dessert is just irresistible. The past two and a half years have been tough for everyone, especially with the onset of the COVID pandemic in I am looking forward to seeing the economy turn around as businesses rebuild, recover and grow again.

My plans are to ensure that Standard Bank is always ready to be there for our business clients and help contribute to this positive turnaround as we emerge from the pandemic in the coming year. It will be a long road to recovery, but we are determined to keep businesses in business and be their partner in growth. She has obtained diverse exposure to Banking, particularly Business and Commercial Banking, having undertaken various roles within Standard Bank.

Simone was a key member of the team involved in reestablishing Business Banking in South Africa between — , when she headed up Business Lending Products as well as Franchising and Enterprise Development. Simone has also gained exposure to various initiatives promoting the development of SMEs, including several government initiatives and development finance projects. Unilever is a global company selling fastmoving consumer goods.

Our purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace. Purpose is central to our business approach, and we have also seen firsthand how brands with purpose grow, companies with purpose last, and people with purpose thrive. Back in , Sunlight Soap was launched in the UK by our founder — a pioneering innovation which had a purpose to popularise cleanliness and bring it within reach of ordinary people.

Sustainable living, even then and now with over brands, we are still driven by purpose. Our vision is to grow our business, whilst decoupling our environmental footprint from our growth and increasing our positive social impact. As a business, we aim to push our business the way business is done — further than ever before.

Our Unilever Compass strategy sets out how we will make that ambition a reality. The Unilever Compass puts serving our stakeholders at the heart of everything we do. It reinforces the non-negotiable importance of respect for human rights and it sets out ambitious programmes of action to tackle the most critical issues of our time, harnessing the full scale and impact of our brands and going further and faster through stretching time-bound targets that drive positive change.

We will work with our suppliers, other businesses, governments and NGOs — through purchasing practices, collaboration and advocacy — to create systemic change and global adoption of living wage practices.

Diversity in the workplace directly results in improved financial performance through its capacity to foster innovation, creativity and empathy. Within our organisation, we will achieve an equitable culture through progressive policies and practices which eliminate bias and discrimination.

We are proud to have already achieved gender balance across our management globally, but there is more work to do — for women, and for other people.

Through a new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy, we are removing barriers and bias in recruitment, establishing leadership accountability for supporting all our employees to excel in their roles, and aiming to achieve a workforce that is representative of the population in the countries where we operate.

We also want to use the strength of our brands, and our position as the second largest advertiser in the world, to drive change. We have committed to increase the number of advertisements that include people from diverse groups, both on-. We will help tackle the prevalence of stereotypes that are often perpetuated through advertising and promote a more inclusive representation of people.

By investing in skills-building and providing work experience opportunities for young people, we will drive growth, and accelerate digital capabilities; building expertise and increasing productivity. We are working with partners on LevelUp — a youth employability platform — to provide a onestop shop for young people to discover their purpose, get access to training, volunteering and work experiences. We will also grow our apprenticeship schemes around the world, and work with our suppliers and distributors, to build vocational skills and share job opportunities, to help young people to get into work.

As the Group CEO of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Leila Fourie may be standing on the shoulders of giants, but this new generation leader is ensuring that she lifts as she rises, and for her, humanity is a key driver.

Marie Curie gave up six years of her life in order for her sister, Bronya, to receive an education. Even her latest achievement, being honoured as the Standard Bank Top Businesswoman of the Year is an opportunity to encourage others to literally be the change.

So what is important in the award is to provide hope and to provide a benchmark to people who aspire to make a difference in society. What changes has she seen in her career of over two and a half decades in the financial sector?

A world that is constantly morphing as it adapts to leaps in technology. These changes create equal opportunities for men and women to advance in business and into leadership positions. And the boundaries have been adjusted. I think we are seeing, particularly with the pandemic, the importance of leadership and the importance of female leadership. And those countries with female leaders have tended to.

The pandemic has created an enabling platform for more inclusive growth and for recognising the role that women have to play in leadership. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, and other Nordic female leaders, are all testament to how positive a different approach can be.

As a result, people have now come to expect a more nuanced approach which is in touch with human values. She mentored a woman who completed her postgraduate studies while working in a call centre and supporting her AIDS-orphaned brother – a young woman whose own sacrifices mirror that of the inspirational Marie Curie. And that platform gives you an opportunity to be a role model and to share with others the importance of leadership and building people around me. Our impact on people is just as important as our impact on business.

We must align what we do with how we do it. You have to work through. Investors are now focused on South Africa as an emerging market destination for investment. Now is our time. Its people are entrepreneurial and we have a lot more to offer than we often acknowledge. We need more leaders who speak about the growth potential of the country and present the positive narrative.

I believe a more balanced narrative could position South Africa much better as an investment destination. In order to unlock this, they require sponsors, mentors and leaders to endorse and develop them.

But most importantly, it takes a thoughtful leader to create meaningful opportunities. She recently finished reading Let my people go surfing, by Yvon Chouinard, which charts the journey of an entrepreneur building a global empire underpinned by sustainable development ideals. The role that the Exchange plays in the macroeconomy and in building markets has a multiplier and a compounding effect.

And the ability to collaborate with market participants and to collaborate with leaders, to build the economy and to expand capital markets, is really what excites me. The most important thing is to see the people around me grow and develop, and that energises me when I wake up in the. Stewardship is one of the most important elements in leadership and ensuring that you are thoughtful and connected to your people is really vital. Not forgetting another scientist to whom we owe so much: two-time Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie.

We have an obligation to uplift and support those who are marginalised. In , Shirley rejoined PwC as an associate director, and in was admitted to the partnership. In , Shirley was elected to the global board and had the opportunity to chair the subcommittee on Transformation, Operations and People.

Volunteerism has also been an integral part of her professional career. She established quality relationships locally, regionally and globally and kept up to date on latest developments, either in the profession or the country. One style of leadership might work well in one company or situation, but not in another. Reflect on your own values, character traits, and talents. This is the best place to start to define your own leadership style. Use what you already possess and build from there.

You are unique. Make that uniqueness your drive to become an impactful leader. Serve with your mind and heart — Leading is a gift. The greatest and most impactful leaders in history have demonstrated that one of the most essential aspects in leading is having an attitude of service. An attitude of service is what genuinely connects leaders with people and how you earn their loyalty. Think about the many other ways in which you can serve.

Be generous and participate — Share your knowledge with those you lead. Speak of your failures and successes, and how you have overcome obstacles. Be a role model to inspire and motivate people to move forward. It is important to delegate, though it is also important to get involved with those you lead to learn about them and for them to feel supported.

Create an environment of wellbeing — Leading others and being there all the way takes a lot of energy out of you. You need to know when enough is enough. You and those you lead need to. Foster a culture of inclusiveness — get into the habit of focusing on the talents of each of your people and promote these talents. You need to be open to managing conflict and negativity effectively to make people feel they are in a safe environment.

People perform and respond better when they know you are there for them, when you are approachable and encouraging. Personally I look for ways to energise myself and take care of my mind and body so I can be the best at home, at work and in my community. I enjoy a daily consistent fitness routine, and on the weekends I put on my takkies and go for a run.

Foster a culture of inclusiveness — Get into the habit of focusing on the talents of each of your people and promote these talents. Be a visible leader — Belief in senior leadership is one of the strongest drivers of engagement. People want leaders who walk the talk, and are seen to be involved and committed to the. In the post-COVID world, people are increasingly looking to their leaders to provide robust direction and support. What important lessons have you learned on your career and leadership journey?

Assess regularly. Thus, I continue to actively do this. Remember, the sky is not the limit, the universe is. I knew that there was no playbook indicating how other women did previously, and that I would be paving the way for other women. I was excited that while there were high expectations, I was also in a position to give hope to other women, and the African child in particular. I was also excited that the coaching and motivation I had been doing would now be from a position of authority; I.

Overall, I will have no excuse for not leaving an impactful legacy of a sustainable future. What have been some of your milestones over the last 2 years? PwC is a purpose-led and valuesdriven organisation and together with my leadership team I have been able to visibly implement our Africa strategy, ensuring that quality is at the heart of everything we do. My vision has always been building a no. As corporates, we have a responsibility to. We have developed a societal purpose strategy called Reimagine Africa, together, which is guided by UN SDGs focusing on seven areas, being gender equality, good health, quality education, good health and wellbeing, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, reducing inequalities and climate action.

We continue to maintain a Level 1 certificate. We have a transformation and gender equality strategy with specific KPIs for our leadership, monitored by the board regularly.

We have a gender neutral succession plan. We have a gender neutral procurement policy. We have merit-based recruitment, promotion and retention criteria and practices. We have gender responsive enterprise development, procurement and corporate responsibility programmes. Through the BSSA Foundation we provide business skills to previously disadvantaged communities, the majority being female. To date, we have successfully trained over 67, SMMEs who are running profitable businesses and creating sustainable jobs.

The Faranani Rural Women Training Initiative aims to unlock the business potential of women living in rural areas and empowers them to generate their own income The project has been rolled out across the country, with BSSA providing training as well as three months of mentorship and after-care support. By mid, over 4, women had been. In November we held our first Skills for Society corporate responsibility day, in partnership with the Yes initiative.

Wellbeing is another of our focus areas. We recognise the impact COVID has had on our mental and overall wellbeing and we have had regular surveys to see how our people are managing with this.

The responses we got helped shaped our talks and communications over the course of the year. It was important for us to let our people know that we truly do care about their wellbeing and that of their families. We are being deliberate about taking up membership with organisations that embrace the principles of gender equality. Our commitment to net zero, for instance has been well articulated,.

We partner with skills development organisations to impart essential business skills and support. We have also implemented an internal GBV policy, aimed at providing support to victims. You were appointed CEO in July — and have been at the helm during the pandemic. COVID impacted all of us including businesses, big and small, society and government globally. Unfortunately there is no playbook to deal with it. It is new to all of us, including the medical fraternity.

We are learning every day. COVID has afforded us the opportunity to reimagine where, how and when we work. In addition to mastering these physical challenges, women also display empathy and caring, bringing a different perspective. Organisations are actually in good hands when women are leading.

For me it is not about leading from the front, but leading from behind. Empower your teams by giving direction and the rest will follow. It is important that we lead by example especially in these pandemic times. It was absolutely essential to listen to our people. At all times our offices are accessible to those who need to access our networks or wifi, and we developed a remote working charter of ten promises which is about valuing and supporting one. This investment served us well when COVID struck — in Southern Africa, this resulted in the entire firm transitioning seamlessly to working from home, with short notice.

This has accelerated the conversation about the future of the workplace and what that will look like. A lot of our clients are, as are we, having conversations around hybrid models of working. Currently, a hybrid model is being exercised to manage the different waves and lockdown levels.

Aligning with the objectives of our new world. New skills initiative, our staff all have access to our Digital Fitness app, which provides them with access to digital learning resources aimed at building their knowledge and skills, in their own time. Building on the DFA, our digital transformation journey, called Our Tomorrow, has seen our people having access to powerful new digital tools aimed at taking them and PwC into the future. What is your assessment of the role of leadership during these difficult times?

The role of leadership during these difficult times is defined by the following attributes of leadership: selfless, agile, adaptable, inclusive, emotional intelligence, decisive, courageous, fearless, innovative, humble, visionary, resilient, caring, collaborative, transparent, authentic, trustworthy, truthful, creativity, passion. It takes leaders with a combination of all of the above to be able to lead successfully during difficult times.

How are you ensuring you leave a legacy of excellence? I believe in lifting as I rise. No one should be left behind. Operating in silos dilutes power; my leadership style is collaboration with a focus on passing on wisdom.

I use any opportunity to share my story — which includes successes and failures. A quality culture is something that as a firm we have been consistently driving and I take every opportunity to communicate this to our people to ensure it is part of our DNA.

What drives you? My purpose and values drive me. Do you have any advice for young women aspiring to leadership roles? I believe that the future is female, therefore there are many opportunities for young women aspiring to leadership roles. You need to show up and accumulate experience in order to be confident in your leadership role. Exercise ethical leadership to manage your reputation, show up and have confidence.

The road to success is not easy. Learn from it. Make time for yourself and your dreams, and then go out and pursue them. If you fall, roll, stand up,. What exciting plans do you have for the next year? As a firm, we have recently refreshed our Africa strategy, which is also aligned to our global strategy called The New Equation. Globally we saw how fundamental changes shaping our world include technological disruption, climate change, fractured geopolitics, and the continuing effects of the COVID pandemic.

People all over the world agree on two interconnected needs that they will face in the coming years. The first is to build trust, which has never been more important, nor more difficult.

Organisations increasingly need to earn trust across a wide range of topics that are important to their stakeholders. Success depends on fundamental shifts in the way executives think, organisational culture, systems and ambition. The second is to deliver sustained outcomes in an environment where competition and the risk of disruption are more intense than ever and societal expectations have never been greater.

Businesses need to change faster and more thoroughly to attract capital, talent and customers. Too often, however, narrowly conceived transformation initiatives do not deliver the outcomes they promise. A new approach is needed. Now, every organisation will approach these challenges in the way that is most suitable to their unique circumstances, and in a way that makes sense to them. By bringing our unique combination of capabilities together, and matching it with serious investment and our commitment to quality, we can help clients unlock value for shareholders,.

Our growth strategy is aligned to our purpose, because we believe that we cannot be an island of prosperity in a poverty stricken environment. Business must do well by doing good. We therefore anticipate making significant investments and creating more than jobs.

The strategy also presents a lot of opportunities to our people in the areas of international development, cybersecurity, value creation, digital transformation and ESG. Again quality is non-negotiable in everything we do. Overall, we see ourselves as a community of problem solvers who do not just provide those solutions, but also look for them.

Do you have a message for people out there struggling to survive? Feeling fearful, anxious, depressed and uncertain is normal. While the current situation is challenging, there are definitely opportunities that as a collective, we need to embrace.

There is an opportunity for us to emerge from this crisis as better people. We can connect better through technology, therefore there is no need to isolate yourself. Learn to do things differently e. This is the perfect time to develop ourselves by learning new skills. To those running businesses, please be innovative and try to diversify your business. Please describe your journey to joining PwC.

Growing up in a township, I was very aware of the challenges of poverty and lack of opportunities. As a result, I was very focused on education as a catalyst for the change I wanted to see. Being a CA was my dream from a very young age, so when I was successful in my application for a PwC bursary, I was determined to make the most of the opportunity this provided. This is why I was particularly intrigued to understand why that was; and there was no better place to find out than from within.

I enjoyed my time in the banking and capital markets industry, and I loved the experience, exposure and support I got, all the way through to partnership. Since your admission to the partnership in , your client work has focused on banking and capital markets, and other industry group audits. Please describe your current role and responsibilities. Given my journey, I understand the barriers to entry, and the obstacles that pose a personal challenge to succeeding in the financial services industry.

I feel a responsibility to directly and positively impact the journey of the generations that follow. There were both positive and negative impacts on my team. On the positive side,. It is possible to work differently, and that realisation has been accelerated and embraced. The biggest challenge was that boundaries were tested; we all had longer days but more than anything — we lost the personal touch to an extent. This made it more challenging to emphasise our culture and values when everyone was working remotely.

I think by now everyone is familiar with the themes relating to gender equality arising from the pandemic. The evidence emerging globally from the latter is that the damage from COVID and government response and recovery policies, are disproportionately being felt by women.

In order to undo the damage caused by COVID to women in work — even by — progress towards gender equality needs to be twice as fast as its historical rate. As Head of Diversity and Inclusion for PwC, what have been some of your major accomplishments — and how do you think we can speed up the transformation journey in SA? With this role, there is no personal accomplishment. I would emphasise that what we have achieved has been a team effort, supported by our values and advocated for by our leadership team.

We have increased the number of female partners within the organisation, as well as the leadership positions occupied by females. We recently rolled out what we call the Inclusion Badge — this is a platform that will enhance inclusive leadership and therefore inclusion within the firm, with a targeted and progressive lens. Diversity and Inclusion remain a top priority for us. What is particularly close to my heart is ensuring that the firm has inclusive policies and targeted programmes that focus on new graduates entering our business, so they have a positive working experience.

Referring to the transformation aspect, there are multifaceted challenges and obstacles that directly impact transformation in South Africa. Most industries, including ours, have a mature understanding of these challenges and have implemented appropriate strategies to address them.

Consistent application and continuous improvements to these existing strategies is the only way to ensure that transformation happens at a faster pace. What inspires you about what you do? I am inspired by the trailblazer leaders who have come before me; they inspire me to progress that which they have started. Working with young people and having access to agents of change also keeps me inspired and wanting to do more, be more and impact more. How would you describe your purpose?

I see my purpose as being very aligned to where I began my personal journey. As a young black township girl, who has successfully scaled many obstacles, I feel privileged to be where I am. My purpose is to remove as many of those barriers, for as many women as I can, in order to see more young women lead in the corporate space. How have you resolved the pain points in your career?

Mentorship and resilience have been critical to me accomplishing what I set my mind to. Having mentors from diverse backgrounds has helped shape my critical thinking, self-awareness and ability to impact and influence.

I have accepted that oftentimes, pain points are catalysts for growth. Being resilient and able to learn from these is important for me. What advice do you have for aspirant accountants? Work hard and celebrate each milestone.

Understand that growth in this profession is a journey. Be self-reflective. Remember that each successfully navigated challenge increases your resilience. This is a critical time for business, educators, government and other stakeholders to work together in a more agile, resilient and inclusive manner and to commit to ameaningful and sustained investment in societal purpose.

I would spend half an hour reading more with my children, and the other half an hour watching cartoons again with my children — in my household, we believe in superheroes. Please share any exciting plans you may have for the future While we have accomplished significant milestones in ensuring that inclusion and diversity enjoy the prominence that they deserve at PwC, there is still much to be done.

I look forward to building on the strong foundation that we have already established, in line with our purpose of building trust in society and solving important problems.

Do you have a message for our readership? The role of business in society has changed dramatically. This is a critical time for business, educators, government and other stakeholders to work together in a more agile, resilient and inclusive manner and to commit to a meaningful and sustained investment in societal purpose. We all have a role to play in this.

And, when you stumble, keep faith. I regularly visit the home and spend time with the children. I also support the home financially and every Christmas we make Santa shoeboxes for the kids and host a Christmas party for the home.

We provide extra maths and English lessons to the children. I know all of them by name and they know me and most Sundays after church I take them lunch and I provide them with a monthly allowance. I also give them medication when they are not feeling well. Implats is committed to gender mainstreaming, defined as the intentional advancement of women in the workplace and the establishment of plans and policies.

Gender diversity is a business priority, ranging from setting targets to holding leaders accountable for results. The main focus is in addressing all areas where women are underrepresented and to close the gender gaps in retaining, hiring, promotions and pay. We started employing women underground in and targeted employment of women at entry level with the aim to develop and promote from within. Our skills development programmes aim to create a pipeline of young diverse talent, with specific focus on increasing women representation and succession planning to ensure advancement within the various career paths.

Our training programmes reflect a significant increase in intake of women at tertiary education level and in-house training opportunities with the aim of presenting more opportunities for women in core and critical occupations. Mentoring is also a great way to build confidence in junior employees and programmes are implemented to up-skill women on identified training programmes and succession planning. The presence of women promotes gender equity in the industry, and they contribute to the available workforce that directly feeds the economy, so their inclusion has a noticeable socioeconomic impact.

Implats is committed to gender mainstreaming. Our policies and procedures are aimed at contributing to sound employee relations, attracting and retaining talent and ensuring the continuous development of our employees, while offering opportunities for career progression with a particular emphasis on women. We have taken decisive steps to improve our approach to. The focus is addressing all areas where women are under-represented and to close the gender gaps by retaining, hiring and promotions.

We made good progress in our financial year in promoting equitable representation at all levels at our South African operations.

A key objective in the mining industry is to have sufficient representation of women at all levels. We support this intervention and continue to collaborate with the Minerals Council, the government and organised labour, to promote gender diversity and inclusion at all levels in the workplace.

Besides our external-facing social media platforms, we have implemented an employee engagement app which is enhancing our ability to reach all our employees with information that is critical for an informed, unified, motivated and performancedriven workforce. It is helping to ensure that employees who were previously not connected to the business are empowered with information on business strategies, goals and targets so that we are collectively working towards one common purpose.

Implats is committed to playing its role in the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, supporting the government and working with other stakeholders to build thriving communities. Our initiatives aimed at achieving ESG excellence are aligned with and build on our ongoing commitment to the UN Global Compact and its 10 principles, to which we have been a signatory since Implats has identified and prioritised 11 sustainable development goals where we believe we can have the most meaningful impact.

Through our core activities and collaborative efforts to build capacity in our communities, we are making a valuable contribution to meeting national and global developmental objectives. Our future leaders will develop the insights and skills to further entrench the Implats Way, to lead with an innovative mindset, to examine strategic thinking and tools for execution, and to develop the important skills of a leader as a coach. Implats has six mining operations and the toll refining business, Impala Refining Services.

Implats employs more than 50 people, including contractors, across its operations. At the end of its financial year, Implats had available PGM mineral resources of million 6E ounces and mineral reserves of If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.

As a director and patron of Women in Mining South Africa WiMSA , Thabile is a strong proponent for the advancement of women in mining and has been recognised globally for her work in this area. She was one of. This initiative is very close to my heart as women should support and empower other women who are less fortunate than themselves. On a biannual basis we collect food, clothes, toys, books and other essentials which we donate to the home. With confidence, determination, the right support and mentorship, you can achieve the impossible.

How have you implemented gender driven development in the workplace? We have taken decisive steps over the past two years to improve our approach to creating an environment conducive to gender equality and to address barriers to the employment, retention and the advancement of women.

Our diversity and employment equity strategy and action plans at our South African operations align with the Mining Charter III targets and with our plans and policies aimed at fostering our desired organisational culture. Our operational transformation steering committees play a key role in driving the strategic plans. All our operations are implementing five-year employment equity plans to How has gender empowerment strengthened your organisation? Our commitment to employee diversity is driven not only by strong compliance.

For Implats, gender diversity is a business imperative. The GEI measures gender equality across five pillars: female leadership and talent pipeline, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, sexual harassment policies, and pro-women brand. What technological innovations are you using in your organisation to keep in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4IR?

The Implats MyImplats mobile app provides the CEO and his executive team with up-to-date, consolidated external market information and internal performance information through a single interface, delivered via a mobile device. We are also implementing face recognition technology to cater for the health and safety of our employees at the operations.

How are you using social media to create more business? Our Company-managed social media. What is your position on doing business in Africa? Africa as a continent faces many challenges, including its marginalisation from the global economy, insufficient development finance, healthcare and poor infrastructure.

Leadership challenges are also a challenge. There are, however, compelling sector investment opportunities in Africa, such as oil and gas, and an abundance of minerals, making Africa a lucrative place to conduct business. What skills do you think leaders of the future are going to need? Future leaders need the requisite skills and qualities to lead organisations in a world disrupted by technology.

They need to inspire, develop talent and drive innovation in their organisations. Future leaders need to be able to lead and motivate diverse teams with various generation gaps that result in complexities in the workplace. They also need to be agile and learn to base company decisions on facts and data as opposed to mostly relying on employee experience.

Which female leaders inspire you the most, and why? I am inspired by numerous female leaders, including my mom, due to her grit and her abilities to overcome challenges despite adversities.

Another female leader that inspires and motivates me the most, who I admire and respect so much, is the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. She has demonstrated sheer determination and led with compassion during challenging world events, such as the Covid pandemic. She is agile, embraces diversity and has applied a modern approach to leadership, a trait that many leaders have not yet embraced.

Sumarie Greybe Sumarie Greybe has built a career as one of the leading short-term insurance actuaries in South Africa. She headed short-term insurance consulting at her own firm, Quindiem Consulting, for over 15 years.

Born and bred in Pretoria, South Africa, Sumarie together with co-founders Alex Thomson and Ernest North successfully raised funding and started to work full-time on Naked Insurance in , which officially launched in April She believed insurance needed to adapt to current times, technology, and social standards, and offer the transparency and trust that consumers expect from a Financial Services Provider.

We want to create an insurance offering that people love because the customer experience is convenient, the exchange of value is fair and transparent, and the company is doing the right things for customers and the wider community. But it goes further. Unlike traditional insurers, we charge our clients a flat fee, and donate money left in the pot allocated for claims to causes in our Naked Difference programme at the end of the year. Be passionate about solving it and coming up with a solution.

Adjust and improve based on customer feedback and testing. Find value even in negative feedback, and if necessary, rethink and try again. The fact that the other two founders of Naked and I share the same goals. It makes the journey of building a new business much more enjoyable. Great leaders trust, strengthen and empower their teams.

They give people the opportunity and autonomy to grow. They see the value people can offer and give them the space to deliver on it. Another key trait is reliability — leaders must live up to their promises. I believe that we can change how insurance works in South Africa, reinventing it so that it serves the interests of consumers. Living in Germany is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.

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Top Women – 17th Edition by Topco Media – Issuu.Install AutoCAD | Step by Step Process to Install AutoCAD on Windows


Facing a software audit is a daunting process, which takes time, money, and resources to complete. Typically, the first question the target of an audit asks is whether the audit is legitimate, closely followed by why the company has been selected for an audit. Disgruntled employee One of the common ways an audit may be initiated is a report from a current or former employee, often seeking a monetary reward or to punish the company.

Autodesk makes it easy to report a company for unlicensed software at this web site. If none are found, then the legal team will likely initiate an audit and seek copyright infringement damages for any unlicensed software. Autodesk autocad lt 2018 establish an internet connection to continue free these numbers are entered by a company into an Источник database or online profile, it may trigger an audit. Vendor Although it is less common, sometimes a vendor will report a company for unlicensed software if a company obtains a large quote and fails to make the purchase.

This type of reporting is less common for a number of reasons. The company could have simply purchased from another vendor and has the proper licenses it requires, and more importantly, a vendor found to be reporting on potential customers would permanently alienate business. At that time, it was not possible to manage an endorsement from a colleague on LinkedIn. However, the company spent significant time and money defending against the Autodesk audit.

These audits are often triggered in the same ways an Autodesk audit is initiated from a vendor or an informant. However, these audits are not limited to only Autodesk products, and can be triggered by other publishers, with Autodesk opting in the audit.

If a current or former employee shared data with Autodesk, it is possible that Autodesk easybcd 2.3 windows 10 have a detailed account of the deployments. This is a particular concern if the former or current employee has access or administrative rights to the network through the IT department. In addition to a report from an employee, Autodesk can obtain deployment data through authorization checks built into the software.

Not only does Autodesk likely have a record of the installation on the network, it is possible that the serial numbers may trigger an audit if they are known to be illegitimate. However, much older versions of Autodesk software may not have the same type of reporting, so it is possible Autodesk may not be aware of these installations unless they were properly registered and recorded with Autodesk when purchased.

Many Autodesk users recently reported a autodesk autocad lt 2018 establish an internet connection to continue free with the authorization checks in AutoCAD single-user licenses after the authorization check crashed the system. If you have encountered this issue, Autodesk has provided the following instructions to troubleshoot:.

To download updates and hotfixes, use the Autodesk Desktop App see Where to get Product Updates, Add-ons, and Enhancements or access the direct links below. Before installation, ensure the internet connection is working and repaired if needed.

Note: When manually downloading and installing the license hotfix, the installer will install and then quit without a message of completion. Autodesk has significantly cut the risk of unlicensed software by making the transition from a perpetual licensing model to a subscription-based model. However, many customers continue to deploy and use older, perpetual products.

If a company has not been audited by a software publisher, it is likely only a matter of time 2018 free full kuyhaa illustrator cc adobe it receives an audit request. By catching potentially illegitimate software prior to an audit can save thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential copyright infringement autodesk autocad lt 2018 establish an internet connection to continue free and legal fees.

All Autodesk products contain a serial number for each installation. If any of the serial numbers assigned to current Autodesk installations are similar to these numbers, they are likely invalid and should be immediately autodesk autocad lt 2018 establish an internet connection to continue free and replaced with legitimate Autodesk licenses.

Unfortunately, this process may be more expensive in the short term because an old perpetual copy of AutoCAD Design Suite, for example, cannot replaced with a newer perpetual version of the same product. Now that the licensing models have changed, a company will be required to obtain a subscription, which can be purchased in 1- to 3-year increments. Autodesk offers standalone or networked license options, which may be found here.

The first step for any audit is to conduct an analysis of the deployments in its environment. This process seems straight-forward but can become very complicated. Obtaining an accurate inventory is critical to determine whether any of the software is unlicensed. After the initial assessment, the second step is to conduct a quality control analysis in order to isolate any instances of false positives such as remnants in the registry of older, uninstalled products, trial versions, or any free reader versions.

Once an accurate inventory is collected, the third step is to compare the autodesk autocad lt 2018 establish an internet connection to continue free to licenses registered to the company.

This process may be complex due to license restrictions and rules relating to software installed on servers, networked licenses, and standalone licenses, in addition to the license rules for transferring licenses between employees.

The final step is to determine whether the license applied to each installation is proper and falls within the software license rules is a crucial step in determining potential exposure for unlicensed software. It is not uncommon for a company to own autodesk autocad lt 2018 establish an internet connection to continue free licenses than are installed and expect those licenses to cover a shortfall on another, unrelated product.

There are also a number of license terms for online services and subscription licenses. Once the data and licenses are verified, the audit results are submitted to Autodesk, and a company will begin to negotiate a resolution with Autodesk for any unlicensed software, which may include both penalties and the replacement cost for obtaining legitimate licenses.

The best way to avoid purchasing illegitimate software is to buy from an Autodesk authorized reseller or Autodesk directly.

Options are a bit more limited with the subscription-based model, but it is still possible to procure a slight discount. Many companies will note that they are Authorized Resellers on their web site but will not necessary sell legitimate software. In addition to conducting internal audits, it is possible to manage licenses through the Autodesk network licensing manager. The User List is the primary interface for managing users in your Autodesk Account.

Click the arrow next to a user name to display the following information:. Select Benefits from the Edit Access screen to display the available contracts and options. Click the arrow next to the contract number to expand the contract information display. Change the options in the Show menu at the top to limit the number of contracts shown. Click to the check the box next to each of the Benefits listed that you wish to assign to the user s. Click the Save button when finished.

Click the ссылка на страницу next to the contract number to expand the information display. Click to check the box next to each of the products and services that you wish to assign to the user s. No access to Maya LT on a different contract was granted. Any companies interested in a comprehensive software asset management program should adopt a policy company-wide that includes all software installed on its network. The program should include a way to manage all deployments and licenses in real time in order to avoid any potential license gaps.

It is important to note that transferring licenses between users may require some additional steps, so it is critical that the company understands and reads the license agreement and terms for each Autodesk license. Customers should also promptly uninstall and delete trial versions at the expiration of the trial period in order to avoid remnants or trial versions triggering a false positive in a future audit.

When in doubt, contact an attorney with experience in Autodesk licensing and defending against Autodesk audits. Be sure to use them! Rob is one of the rare few that successfully operates where the technology industry, business and entrepreneurship, and the law meet, making him an excellent resource for any company working at нажмите чтобы увидеть больше unique intersection.

As important, he wastes no time or words identifying the root cause of an issue and providing guidance that, without asking, takes the perspective of business, technology, and the law into account before ever being offered. They are simply excellent. You would not go wrong using them for your legal needs. Autodesk autocad lt 2018 establish an internet connection to continue free Scott and Scott team were fantastic to work with.

We wanted to revise our Agreements and streamline our contracting processes. Rob and his team were able to look over our current agreements, incorporate things that we felt were important in re writing the new documents.

As well as add coverages for things that their years of expertise in this field have taught them that we overwise would not have thought of. I highly recommend. Thank you. Scott and Scott LLP was terrific in representing our interests in a complicated and time-consuming software audit. They have a wealth of experience with IT and software related issues, are responsive, and are strategic. Scott and Scott skillfully guided our company through every step of the process, including strategy, negotiation and a very favorable resolution.

We can’t recommend Scott and Scott more highly. If you are facing a software audit or something similar, hire them! They were extremely thorough and easy to work with. They were able to provide us with several very detailed подробнее на этой странице documents that we were able to turn around and use to sign multi-year contracts. They answered all of our questions we had as well as handled all revisions we asked for. I will definitely call on them again as the need arises.

We feel as if they are part of our company- our legal team. Stephen help us through the whole process and choosing the right coverage for the products that we sell and service, furthermore it aligned itself with our insurance coverage to have a double protection. I recommend this to every service provider because the process is simple and the best way to protect yourself. We have been very happy with the autodesk autocad lt 2018 establish an internet connection to continue free provided and trust the firm with autodesk autocad lt 2018 establish an internet connection to continue free our legal needs.

Very professional experience!! Extremely timely and complete. Great people!!! Five Star advice and contracts, that can save your business from any future troubles. How did Autodesk know to audit you and what do you do now? Scott and Scott LLP review summary.

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How did Autodesk know to audit you and what do you do now? – Scott & Scott, LLP.

Activated tools will be installed automatically. The Autodesk license you receive only нажмите чтобы прочитать больше the Autodesk version Click the arrow next to a user name to display the following information:. However, many customers continue to deploy and use older, perpetual products. Unfortunately, this process may be esatblish expensive in the short term because an old perpetual copy of AutoCAD Design Suite, for example, cannot replaced with a newer perpetual version of the same product.


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