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How to Participate in KBC Lucky Draw 2022 | KBC Winner List 2022


Applicant’s Qualification

On ending the qualification quiz, at the start of every season, contestants area unit sent a premium rate SMS to the signaling given to the individual. Contestants then got to answer the question sent to them via-SMS.

The quickest Finger initial Competition

Users WHO answer the SMS question properly area unit then invited to the studio. Here they participate in KBC Winner List 2022 within the quickest Finger initial Competition. a contest during which they need to put four answers within the correct order, supported the queries they need been asked. to create the competition more durable, a point in time is ready for the contestants.

KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022

After The quickest Finger initial Competition

The winner from the quickest Finger initial is given the prospect to play the particular KBC Lottery 2022 game on the new seat with the notable host of KBC official website, Amitabh Bachan. This game includes a series of multiple-choice queries. every question carries a selected money prize that’s awarded to the winner per the proper responses.

Warning: watch out for Scammers – All Asian country SIM Card WhatsApp Lucky Draw
Unfortunately, with the Brobdingnagian success of this notable giveaway, the amount of scammers is additionally increasing. Scammers area unit exploiting the folks of {india|India|Republic of Asian country|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} by causation inauthentic messages to the contestants concerning the KBC all India SIM card WhatsApp lucky draw, and also the alternative lucky attracts that area unit conducted by KBC. folks are asked to either share their personal data. like mastercard or revolving credit details, or they need been misinformed concerning the winners for lotteries. Scammers have conjointly asked contestants to transfer cash to their personal accounts. they need been reaching dead set participants via phone calls, SMS, emails, and even WhatsApp. 

all Asian country SIM card WhatsApp IMO lucky draw

Numbers from West Pakistan also are being misused  to contact lottery participants and exploit their personal data. Pakistani numbers will be known exploitation their codes, that area unit sometimes, +923, or +93. 

In case of receiving suspicious text messages, calls, emails, or WhatsApp messages concerning KBC lotteries, contact United States right away. Our agents area unit accessible 24/7 to answer all of your queries and assist you keep safe from scams. you’ll be able to conjointly contact United States exploitation the knowledge given below:

KBC Head Office: 0019188444474

 WhatsApp Number: 0019188444454

KBC Season thirteen 2022
We area unit delighted to apprize all KBC jio winner list 2022 fans of the future season in 2022. Season thirteen is ready to return with variety of surprises for KBC fans! Winners area unit selected  by KBC Authority, and our web site is usually updated concerning KBC news, winners, competitions, lucky attracts, and alternative vital policies. 

kbc prize winner 2020 cheque

 Since the KBC lottery registers each registered SIM in Asian country. this offers an opportunity for the impoverished to participate, and alter their lives! KBC is additionally a significant contribution to help the necessitous families of Asian country.

On receiving calls from unknown numbers concerning KBC lotteries, contact United States right away. Our agents can assist you in guaranteeing you stay safe from scammers. we have a tendency to area unit accessible 24/7 to answer all of your queries and supply any data concerning KBC to our valued customers. If you continue to want any assist you can even get more data on our signaling 0019152084400 or our KBC WhatsApp number 0019188444479.


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