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60+ Best RainMeter Skins & Themes in (With Download Links).+ Rainmeter Themes [Windows 10/8/7]


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Download rainmeter skins for windows 10 free.60+ Best RainMeter Skins & Themes in 2021 (With Download Links)

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This popular rainmeter skin offers customization options in a user-friendly panel.


Download rainmeter skins for windows 10 free


Windows has always been a pretty customizable one, but the majority of this is limited to changing to occasional wallpaper, using many official and third-party apps or custom themes. Today, there are some programs that are available and let us tweak our desktop to the fullest.

In this Rainmeter is the most popular one. This is a free desktop customization program that lets users transform their desktop looks. Today we are sharing 17 free Skins for Rainmeter that you can use on PC with download links. This can be used to display more information like a clock, network stats, and processor usage on it. This can be tweaked in ways that are unimaginable, all thanks to the different designs available for the same.

Finding these can be quite hard. Follow through to know about the best ones to get started with. DekiSoft Note: Keep in mind that to use these skin; you need to have Rainmeter installed on your system. It is compatible with all the versions of windows; from XP to Windows With this users can switch to any site within seconds.

Users can also hide the taskbar as well as add more widgets. This is one of our favorites as it goes quite well with the wallpaper. The one we are using is from Reddit and is called Neon gas Station.

The best thing about this one is that it is highly customizable and allows users to add different widgets to their desktop. Do keep in your mind that Spotify integration does not work out of the box therefore you need to install a separate plug-in.

The main reason to add this one to the list is that it is quite similar to the android user interface. It carries:. If you carry a laptop with a touch screen then we recommend you to use this one. To be honest, we love this one; give it a try on your system. Moreover, users also get a dock that is quite similar to macOS and is wholly customizable.

The best yet interesting point about this one is that it does not slow down our i5-powered laptop. We have used minimalistic nature wallpaper for this one. This one is futuristic yet minimal. It is both versatile and amazing. It is used to display lots of information like:.

It carries a date and time on the top. The best thing about this one is that it lets users add their choice of games and applications in the left one. Moreover, they can also integrate their steam account to open and launch games instantly.

It carries an Xbox game bar as part of it and lets users launch many gaming tools in a single click. This wallpaper is embedded with the skin which is great. If you are a game lover then give this a try.

Thanks to this one user can play Nick Fury while sitting at their system. It is present in different resolutions. It includes different shortcuts that are handy to access frequently used apps such as browser and media player. Others include:. Now you really do not have to be Tony Stark to get your very own J.

S powered system as this is going to work out just fine for you. It is highly customizable and has various modules that can be re-positioned quite easily. This one is perfectly used to illustrate how much background wallpaper is important to customization.

This one makes sense when paired with a companion Aliens wallpaper that comes along with it. It carries modules which are configurable and include the following:. If you are a minimalism fan then you are going to love this. It is light in weight and clean. This one is used to take care of the basics but does them in quite a good way, without throwing too many things in your face.

If you want something fancy and are not a big fan of flashy desktop customization then this one is quite handy as it offers users a chance to place widgets across their home screen. Users can add in widgets of different types to display information regarding:. This one even carries a lock desktop button and volume sliders in the mix, with skin working quite well with all screen-sized, which is a plus point for all the users.

This is one of the most beautifully designed skin. It carries various sub-modules that look like small widgets, each having a consistent design. It is always important for you to clutter your windows 10 desktop with widgets. There is an off-chance that you are looking for clean yet tranquil skin with no distractions. This one carries a user interface that offers you with it. This is a collection of the pleasant yet modern clock and date widgets that can elevate the desktop experience in no time.

This is one of the easy to set up Rainmeter skin out there available in the market which requires zero tweakings. For this all you need to do is run it, it then appears as a stunning, information-laced bar spanning the entire width of the desktop.

This is used to present information is quite a high legible way. The content which it displays is as followed:. Are you ready to dial back to the s and catch a hint of this skin, which looks like JetAudio took over the entire windows desktop? Users also get 3D icons for programs and power functions there at the bottom, with a visualizer like a background. This is a sight to behold as it carries full transparency and frosted glass effects. This is one where the choice of desktop wallpaper can affect dramatically how good or bad the skin hence the overall desktop look like.

This is yet another one on the list which carries frosted glass and transparency effects. The speed looks great when it is matched with muted and minimal wallpapers. Its sub-modules carry a consistent look and can be re-arranged to suit desktops that have different resolutions. It is used to display:. I have shared one of the most up-to-date lists of the 17 best Rainmeter skins for Windows 10, 8, and 7.

These consist of a great mix for gamers, anime lovers, and Iron-man fans. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Rainmeter Skins – Rainmeter Videos


If you are an Avengers fan and want to get a feeling of working as a Shield Agent you can install this amazing theme. It comes with an original Shield Eagle Tag. It is available in multiple resolutions and has many options to include in shortcuts such as applications like Browser or Media player.

Titillium is a light weighted, the minimalistic designed theme for the Windows 10 system. It makes your system looks elegant and fresh. It has a good range of wallpapers to choose from. Titillium rainmeter skin will display your system resources, current weather, some quick launch shortcuts, the time.

It also includes a very simple but effective audio visualizer. Eker Lina is one of the best Rainmeter skin available.

It consists of several sub-modules that gives users the feeling of the widgets. Eker Lina can display a lot of features such as time, date, current weather, System Folders, Media Controls, etc. Enigma is another great Rainmeter skin. It is one of the most downloaded skins on the Rainmeter.

It can show every piece of system information. All of its sub-modules can be configured very easily and arranged individually. Minimalist 2 is the perfect Rainmeter skin for the people who are looking for minimal things on their desktop.

Shortcuts to software and folders are available on the right. Sticky Bar provides you the great wallpaper to match its themes like you can see the picture that we have uploaded. It is a simple skin that provides you functionality such as time, date, CPU usage, power control buttons, and current weather. Speed consist of frosted glass and transparency effects. Cold Rainmeter is one of the best 3d Rainmeter skins you can get. Every option that it can show is neatly integrated into the wallpaper itself.

Battlefield 3 is the best skin for gamers. On the whole, customizing the desktop is just an endeavor for creating an attractive new ecosystem within your computer. Hence, you can download any of the best Rainmeter themes for Windows 10, according to your preference.

We hope you have enjoyed the list. He is Windows enthusiast and experienced content writer. Apart from writing, Pradeep has involved in SEO projects for many International businesses ranging from online startups to some of the popular world wide blogs. Best Rainmeter Themes for Windows 10 For those who are unaware, this interactive desktop customizer, Rainmeter can help you with various tweaks, right at your desktop.

Download Mass Effect. Download Pog Pack. Download Taboo-Vision. Download Blue Green Fresh. Download Obsidian. Download Windows Download Tech-A. Download Neon Space. Download Avengers Shield OS. Download Titillium. Download Eker Lina. Download Enigma. The rainmeter skin showcases the audio levels while playing music. The name says it all, Battlefield 3 is one of the best rainmeter skin for gamers.

Using this skin you can customize and personalize your desktop as per your preference. T is a minimal rainmeter skin that hardly has any graphical element. Furthermore, every skin element on LIM! T is in the form of text. Another great gaming rainmeter skin on the list is Zelda.

The skin offers a dedicated setup window that makes it easier to install it. The skin has 4 modes, you can change mode by clicking on the Zelda icon parts.

Sadly, the wallpapers are not included in the Rainmeter skin but you can manually apply them using the provided. PNG files. The next best rainmeter skin for Windows 10 on the list is Senja Suite. This minimalistic skin displays the essentials like time, user profile button, media player with controls, and other useful shortcuts on the desktop.

With this skin, you get a top-bar widget with customizable hyperlinks. This makes it easier to access your favorite files and web pages. Next on the list, we have another minimal Rainmeter skin that goes by the name Ageo.

Well, Ageo comes with a feature-packed music player that can be controlled from the desktop. Standard widgets like date, time, and weather are present in Ageo as well. If you loved the frosted glass and transparency effects present in Windows 7 and Windows Vista then Speed Rainmeter Skin might impress you. When paired with minimal wallpapers Speed looks visually impressive and clutter-free. At the last leg, we have a simple rainmeter skin that has all the necessary elements without feeling cluttered.

The emphasis here is onto the left with two sidebars. An integrated audio output changer s given on either side of the screen. It can mute audio, change audio source and calibrate volume. The Gemini suite rainmeter skin for Windows 10 has an integrated bar for Steam and Xbox. You can put games on the bar and launch directly without opening Steam.

This application is meant for customizing the overall look and feel of your PC. It does affect the performance of your Windows PC a bit. It all depends upon how many skins you are using and how heavy they are. So these were some of the best rainmeter skins that are worth checking out. The overall visual appearance using these rainmeter skins heavily relies on the wallpaper.

So spare some time searching for a decent wallpaper. Do share other impressive rainmeter skins in the comments section below. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Home List. Contents What Are Rainmeter Skins? Best RainMeter Skins 1.

Enigma 2. Mond 3. Valorant Rainmeter 4. IronMan-Jarvis 5. Big Sur 8. Spiderman 9.


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