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What the best place on the body for a tattoo


The choice of location for the tattoo will depend on the desired size, composition and the part of the
body where it is planned to be done, reports
In general, a tattoo can be a great decoration for any part of the body, the main thing is not to forget
about the composition and proportionality. Choose a size based on the part and the body, not out of
fear of starting with a big tattoo or fear of pain. The pain will pass and the tattoo will stay with you for
Among the most popular places, the expert listed the wrists, forearms, shoulders, legs, hips and ribs.
At the same time, he called the wrists an unfortunate place to draw, as tattoos often float or fall out
there. Garshin recommended placing the tattoo slightly higher and also avoiding places for drawing
where a person wears a watch.
The forearms are a good option for both large and small designs. A tattoo on the shoulder should be
proportionate to the body part. The specialist added that a small drawing will look good on the
biceps, triceps and inner part of the shoulder.
The rule of proportionality should also be followed for tattoos on the legs.
Here it is also very important not to be intimidated by the size, because a small composition on the
hip risks visually increasing it, while correctly placed pattern is able, on the contrary, to emphasize
the forms.
Ribs are a painful but very popular place. Both small and large tattoos are suitable for it. However,
you should not choose drawings with geometry or faces.
If you want to score a “sleeve” it is necessary to think about the whole picture. Also, creating a large
tattoo can take several sessions.
The most painful places are where there are many nerve endings, blood vessels and lymph nodes.
For example, elbows, knees, phalanges of fingers, feet and hands, ribs and the middle of the chest,
lower back, abdomen, folds of the arms and legs, and shoulder joints.
If you choose a good master, who observes sterility and knows the technique of drawing, tattoos are
safe on any part of the body. The only difference is the sensitivity of the skin and pain, as well as the
duration of the healing process. It takes longer to heal on bendable parts of the body.
To start with, before you start there are a couple of things you ought to be aware of. Odds are this
will be your most memorable tattoo. You will need to ensure you have it somewhere apparent like
your upper arm. It is strong hard to see the value in crafted by your initial one on the off chance that
you can never see it. It ought to likewise be in a place where you can cover it up assuming need be.
A few of us have occupations that don’t see the value in the outward appearance of such body
Then, concerning where is the best spot to get a tattoo there are a few pretty well-known spots. You
could have one on your upper arm, as referenced prior. There are different plans that can fit there,
and assuming that need you can cover it up with a long sleeve shirt whenever. This is typical also.
Then, you can likewise investigate putting one upon your chest. Most men do this as a method for
expanding a tattoo that is as of now present elsewhere like the neck. Ladies frequently put a little

tattoo on this part right over their bosom. Assuming you are a lady you ought to know that this
segment is inclined to list.
Another extraordinary spot is the wrist. Indeed! You might have an armband configuration put upon
this area. It could either be right under your wrist o it can go as far as possible around. It is truly
dependent upon you yet you ought to know this would be very near your bones so you could feel a
bigger number of sensations than generally while getting the genuine tattoo. This is undeniably
involved while thinking about where is the best spot to get a tattoo.
Probably the best places to get a tattoo would be anyplace on your body that has somewhat more
meat on it. It is a basic principle of thumb that the more muscle versus fat that is in a space the less
excruciating it is. So your calf, backside, bicep, and thigh are decent places to go for the gold. The
shoulder bone additionally tends not to be excessively agonizing. So in the event that you can’t deal
with torment quite well yet need a tattoo, you really want to avoid exceptionally hard regions, similar
to, your spine, ribs, lower leg, feet, bosom bone, and so on.
Lower back
Since low-ascent pants are well known in the design world, this makes the lower back one of
the provocative spots for a lady to have a tattoo. The lower back has bountiful space for a huge
plan, and level tattoo plans work best. Lower-back tattoos draw in individuals since they can be
unnoticeable, and are exceptionally perceptible.
Ladies have astonishing feet. Foot tattoos have become well known with individuals living in
hotter environments who primarily favor strolling shoeless. Foot tattoos represent virtue and
realism. Foot tattoos are favored for the most part by ladies on the grounds that these tattoos
don’t display excessively and are apparent just to precious ones.
The back is an incredible spot for a tattoo on the grounds that the region is so large you have a
great deal of room to work with. In the event that you like ancestral, you might need to think
about this for an upper-back tattoo. They are likewise well known in indoor or proficient settings.
The upper-back tattoo can be concealed under practically any article of clothing. This is perfect
for somebody who is in an expert work environment setting where others could dislike a huge
measured tattoo.


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