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Dating Profile Tips & Tricks To Land


Ah, the one. The dream of every single person out there. But how do you actually land the one?
Sure, you can go to bars or clubs and try to pick someone up or go on blind dates set up by your
friends, but those methods are so hit or miss.
The best way to guarantee that you’ll find someone special is to take matters into your own hands,
and that means biting the bullet and creating an online dating profile.
That’s where we come in!
We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to write the perfect dating profile and attract the one for
you. How do we know?  We’ve got years of experience in the dating game, so trust us, we know a
thing or two about what it takes to make a dating profile great.
Dating Profile Tips For 2022
Now, because there are SO many dating sites and apps out there, we’re going to give you some
general dating profile tips that will help you no matter where you’re looking for love.

But first, let’s talk about what NOT to do in your dating profile…
Things To Avoid In Your Dating Profile
There’s nothing worse than coming across a dating profile that’s full of lies and half-truths. So, if you
want to attract the one, ensure you’re being honest in your dating profile!
That means no fibbing about your age, height, weight, job, income, etc. Be truthful about who you
are and what you’re looking for, and you’re far more likely to find a match that’s a good fit for you.
Another dating profile no-no? Don’t use generic, boring descriptions. “I like long walks on the beach,
spending time with my family and friends, and watching Netflix” might be true, but it doesn’t give us
any insight into who you are as a person.
When it comes to dating profile tips, quality over quantity is key. It’s better to have a few well-written
paragraphs that give us a glimpse into your life and personality than pages of rambling text. We want
to know what makes you tick, not every single detail of your life story!
Things To Include In Your Dating Profile
In terms of what to include in your dating profile, make sure to showcase your best self. Write about
the things you love and the hobbies you enjoy. Share photos that show off your personality and
interests. And most importantly, be positive! No one wants to date a Negative Nancy.
You should also consider what not to share too. Don’t put up any photos that could be considered
risqué or Revealing. This is your dating profile, not your Instagram account. And definitely don’t post
anything that could be used against you in the future!
Similarly, publicly listing your address, number or email on your dating profile is a huge no! This is
for your safety as well as the safety of those you’re messaging. It’s best to keep your personal
information private until you’ve gotten to know someone better.
Finally, don’t forget to proofread your dating profile before you hit publish! A dating profile full of
typos and grammatical errors is a massive turn-off for most people. So take your time, double-check
your work, and make sure your dating profile is error-free before you start swiping.

Finding The One
Dating profile tips are essential if you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward online.
For example,  avoid lying in your dating profile, as honesty is always the best policy. 
It’s also important to be positive and showcase your best self. And of course, don’t forget to
proofread your dating profile before you hit publish!
If you follow these simple tips, you’re sure to get some good dates and maybe even find the one. So
what are you waiting for? Get swiping!


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