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Opalite is made with a combination of glass and opal dust. This stone is full of positivity and offers many spiritual, health, and emotional benefits. 


How Is Opalite Made?

What Is Opalite?

Opalite is a man-made stone, while opal is made from mother earth. So, this is the short answer if you are thinking about opal vs Opalite. However, this guide will cover the definition of Opalite, its origin, and how to make it. 

However, artificial Opalite is a translucent milky stone usually made of opalescent glass. But some Opalite is also made of resin or plastic. 

Opalite is also known as a shining stone since it glows when the light reflects within the stone. There are different colors and patterns of Opalite found. And the most common thing is they have an opalescent sheen. 

However, you can find the different colors of Opalite like smokey bands, blue to pinkish-red, etc. Opalite resembles opals and is made of glass. 

How Is Opalite Made?

Opalite is usually man-made of glass and opal dust. But glass is not valuable, yet artificial crystals give you good availability. 

Natural Opalite has similar chemical properties to opal. In simple words, tiny spheres are stuck to each other made of silicon dioxide. And they gather together in small pyramids. Meanwhile, the pyramid shape Opalite reflects the visual effects. 

The pyramid grid shape will give you a cat’s eye effect when the crystal is cut into cabochon. And these effects are only available to the natural Opalite. Anyhow, artificial Opalite is widely available rather than natural opal. Opalite is made in laboratories with a glass base. Human-made Opalite is affordable, while natural Opalite is expensive. 

Healing Properties & Benefits of Opalite

Although it is man-made, Opalite is an effective stone since it gives many healing benefits. Opalite has many spiritual and emotional healing properties. This healing stone helps you to face any changes effectively, heals many health issues, helps you strengthen your inner power, improves your love life, and much more. 

  • Spiritual Benefits 

Often we overlook that being strong and healthy is an aspect of well-being. Opaltie helps you to reach a higher level of consciousness. You can expect to connect yourself with the world in new ways when you have the Opalite stone

  • Emotional Benefits

You can suffer a lot when you cannot balance your emotional health. Opalite is an excellent stone that can help you heal your emotional issues. You may want to add this to your daily life routine. The positive healing tool of this stone will influence every aspect of your life. 

  • Physical Benefits

This stone also helps you heal your physical benefits as well. This works as a natural healer for a variety of physical issues. Opalite is also used to improve recovery from an injury, increase the oxygen level in the body, purify the blood, and fight against infection and fever.

  • Metaphysical Properties

This magical stone also has metaphysical properties that can affect everything around you. For instance, it has an effect on your health and relationship to everything in between. Additionally, this gemstone radiates a soothing feel to the heart. 

How To Clean Opalite

Opalite is a healing stone that needs to be cleaned periodically because, with time, Opalite may gain toxic vibes. So, to keep your stone working at its full potential, you need to remove these impurities.

When you first get the stone, you should clean it. Also, make sure you clean the stone once a month. One simple and famous way to clean the Opalite is to smudge it. This required sweetgrass, cedar, sage, and frankincense. 

You can use quartz containers like druses, geodes, or clusters to clean your Opalite. Anyhow, keep the Opalite in the container overnight; that’s all you need to do in this cleaning process. 

Placing the stone in moonlight or sunlight is another effective method of cleaning Opalite. Let the stone sit in a place where this will get light properly. Keep the stone under the light for a few hours. But you need to rotate the stone periodically if you place it under sunlight. And this is not required if you keep it under the moonlight. 


Opalite stone is full of positiveness and full of love. If you are looking for an alternative to opal, you can add Opalite gemstone to your wardrobe. This man-made stone also has a shiny color opalescence. You will get lots of health and emotional benefits from this amazing stone. 


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