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Benefits of using digital printing technology for promotional campaigns


Business Digital printing technology is extensively used nowadays in a wide range of fields for achieving flawless quality painting results at all times. The process of digital printing makes use of a computer to create the designs which are then imprinted with associated technology.

There are numerous benefits of choosing digital printing technology over traditional forms of painting. These include faster turnaround times, lower setup and production costs as well as greater flexibility and freedom to customize the documents.

Moreover, the transferring of images can also be easily achieved with the help of digital printing systems. Plenty of business providers prefer to use digital printing these days since they can deliver fast delivery, more accurate proofs, printing on demand, scope for personalization and a wide range of other benefits. With the widespread demand for digital printing services, numerous companies have come up that offer such facilities to their customers.

A professional digital printing company can deliver different types of digital printing solutions to customers who are looking for advanced and competitive solutions for their businesses. By using state of the art digital printing solutions and four printing technology, it is possible to create catalogs, posters, pads, labels, booklets, banners, envelopes, business cards, flyers, checks, postcards and brochures.

Most of the companies that offer state of the art digital printing solutions to their customers make use of a combination of numerous advanced printing technologies.

These advanced printing technologies have not only been scored high on reliability but they also usually generate high levels of customer satisfaction. The best digital printing companies in Bangalore can provide customers with an array of support and services that can in turn help business owners to improve their prospects in a highly competitive market.

In many cases digital printing services are used for creating promotional materials for a company that can be used for the advertising and marketing needs of that company. It is due to this reason that a lot of business firms regularly use digital printing solutions that can help them to reach out to their target customers. The latest digital printing technologies can deliver flawless printing solutions no matter the medium that is used.

When you are looking to use these printing solutions, you can easily customize the end results according to you convenience.

Such adaptability and ease of use are the main reasons why many people love using this form of printing for their business needs. To get high quality printing service for your business cards, banners, brochures, office stationary, school Id card etc.

TASKalfa Pro 15000c Kyocera Production Printers

on the task alpha pro 15000 c our first device into the production print market the pf 9100 it has vacuum feed and air separation for increased performance in paper feeding and accuracy and it also causes less jams the paper trays can take up to 2 400 sheets of paper this is the attachment kit between the paper feeder and the main body it changes.

The paper path of the paper it changes the height of the paper so this is the main body it prints at 150 pages per minute full color it can do up to 9000 sheets per hour and it has a cis assisted registration unit that assists with duplex alignment skew adjustment and obviously registration this is the d curler unit or the du9100 it dries the paper or the ink on the paper at the speed necessary.

It also has dual switchback sections to maintain the speed so it will do all the odd numbers will go to the one switchback section and all the even numbers will go to the next switch switchback section this is the stacker unit.

It stacks up to 5000 sheets on a trolley for easy movement or transport of the printed pages to your offline finishing options booklet folders perforators whatever machines they have or want to use this stacker unit just ensures that it’s easy transport that you don’t have to take a pack of 500 sheets at a time you can just take the trolley out and go push it to where you need to and then this is the attachment kit between the stacker unit and the finisher it changes the paper height from the stacker unit to the finisher and then this is the finisher with a staple unit as standard and it has an optional bunch unit and a booklet folder also installed and it has 4 000 sheet finishing option on the tray.


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