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Why is a Blanket Hoodie Better than a Blanket? A Guide


Why is a blanket hoodie better than a blanket itself is a debate that we will settle once and for all in this article today.

For starters, unlike blankets, you can wear a blanket hoodie because it is designed as a wearable that fits your body accurately.

Unlike a blanket that is a bit bulky and doesn’t fit your body at all, a blanket hoodie is a comfortable and cozy wearable option that is lightweight as well.

All in all, you should have one of these in your closet so that you can spend great wintertime wearing this super comfy blanket hoodie.

A perfect winter companion

Winters can often be challenging as most of us are stuck in bed barely moving because of the chilly days and nights even if we want to.

The fact that although you want to move so that you can get so many household chores done on time, attend meetings and be more productive you are still unable to do so due to extremely cold weather.

The hoodie blanket appears as a great winter companion! It is a comfortable and cozy wearable option that not only has a stylish design but is also lightweight and fluffy at the same time. On top of this, it also features a warm hood that covers your head to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Fully covers your head to keep it warm

Are you not a fan of wearing a jacket and a cap separately because that is just too much stuff that you are wearing when you simply want to wear a comfortable one-piece outfit?

The hoodie blanket as apparent from its name comes up as the right solution as these blankets have an equally warm, cozy, and fluffy cap hood that keeps your head warm and relaxed.

So, the next time you are going to a movie with your friends you need to surprise them by dressing up in a different yet cozy and comfortable full body blanket hoodie made for you.

Cozy outdoor wearable option

Attending events especially when you are living in colder places can be a nightmare as you have to pack yourself up with so many wearables just to get warm.

Well, these hoodie blankets are the perfect alternative to get you going on those outdoor events in a single piece.

These are super comfy and warm to the extent that you won’t feel the need of wearing anything else but the hoodie blanket when you are going to an event with your family and friends.

Can move around easily with a blanket hoodie

As the best blanket hoodie is designed to be a step ahead of the traditional blanket you will notice that you can easily move around the house wearing a blanket hoodie.

Getting up from your bed on a chilly afternoon to grab a cup of coffee wouldn’t feel that hard as you can easily wrap yourself up in the best blanket hoodie. On the contrary, doing even a simple chore can be gruesome if you are carrying a heavy blanket, as the blanket isn’t primarily made with the intention that the person will move around wearing it.

Super easy to clean and maintain

The major headache of owning a blanket is that they are often extremely bulky and made with fabrics that are difficult to wash and clean.

However, this is not the case with a hoodie blanket which you can wash in a washing machine easily.


All in all, a blanket hoodie is a much better wearable option than a traditional blanket as it is designed in a way that comfortably fits everyone. One example of a great blanket hoodie is a snuggie hoodie which is one of the top of the line blanket hoodie out there.

You can move around inside and outside the house in a blanket hoodie comfortably throughout the day. It is a great one-time investment that you should make if you are living in a cold area that welcomes snow and rain for lots and lots of days.


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