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The top 5 anime voice-overs


The unique animation form, hailing from Japan, Anime is a huge phenomenon around the world. With the signature style of anime, from the big eyes to the flair of the drawing, you may think of the visuals of this medium – however, it also has some of the most outstanding voice-overs you will ever hear.

But which voiceovers are worth your attention? Well, we have collated the 5 best anime voice-overs for you.

Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch Lamperouge)

Jun Fukuyama was responsible for the Japanese voice for Lelouch Lamperouge in the hit show “Code Geass”. The character of Lelouch is trapped in an alternate history version of Japan that has been dominated by the British Empire. Together with his gang, he works to free Japan from tyranny, masquerading as the Rebellious Zero. He must juggle his normal life with his criminal life, using deft subterfuge and careful deception.

Fukuyama even won numerous awards for his portrayal of Lelouch. In 2009, he won the newly established “Foreign Fan Award” and the Tokyo Anime Awards in the category of “Best Voice Actor” for the role of Lelouch. In addition, won Animage magazine awards in 2007 and 2008 for the same position. Solidifying his work in this cat-and-mouse anime as one of the best anime voice-overs.

Kappei Yamaguchi (L)

Deathnote is the quintessential detective anime, a legendary show that has captured the interest of audiences in Japan and worldwide. Kappei Yamaguchi’s work as L, the master detective, is beloved among the anime fandom. He breathes an air of seriousness to the immovable morals of L, whilst also providing an element of joyful childishness to the character – highlighting his peculiarities, as he tries to catch Kira – the murderer.

Outside of Deathnote, Yamaguchi is known for his role in voicing Inuyasha, Usopp, and Ranma Saotome. In addition, he is the Japanese voice of Hifumi Yamada, Jin Kirigiri (only in the first game), and Father Makoto in the Danganronpa series.

Hiroshi Kamiya (Levi)

Hiroshi Kamiya has worked hard to have himself associated with one of the most successful animes of all time, Attack on Titan. In this world, humanity struggles to survive after the world is overrun by Titans – humongous Colossae who consume humans. Levi is a leader among the remaining humans, and an expert in killing Titans, he is cool, collected, and fearless – traits which Kamiya demonstrates perfectly.

Hiroshi Kamiya is a Japanese voice actor, singer, and radio host. He currently works for Aoni Production. He also voices Akashi Seijuro, one of the main characters in the television series Basketball Kuroko.

Mayumi Tanaka (Monkey D. Luffy)

Luffy is the main character in the One-Piece anime and manga. Founding captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the top four fighters, Luffy is a mainstay character in one of the longest-running anime shows of all time. He is wild, irreverent, excitable, and fun – which is replicated in Mayumi Tanaka’s performance.

Tanaka is a Japanese voice actress, actress, and Special lecturer at the Japan College of Arts. She played the famous role of Monkey D. Luffy, also known as “Luffy Hayflower” or simply “Hayflower Hat. 

Mamoru Miyano (Light Yagami)

Mamoru Miyano has become very popular thanks to his role as Light Yagami. Light Yagami, also known as Kira, is the main character in the manga, anime series, and Death Note series. He finds a supernatural notebook that has the ability to kill someone in various ways, just by writing their name down. Light transforms from a bright, young schoolboy to a malicious serial killer with a god complex throughout the show, a descent that is captured perfectly by Miyano. 

Miyano Mamoru is a very popular Japanese voice actor and musician. Mamoru does a tremendous job of getting to grips with every role and playing it in his way, trying to convey the character’s emotions to the audience. 


All of the voice-overs presented here are among the best 5 voice-overs in anime. Also, on the topic of voices – look to Voquent as the best place to find voice-over actors, at home studios or in traditional studio spaces. You can find outstanding voice-over for anime and beyond on this platform.  


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