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Is is possible to enlarge your penis?


The size of the penis frequently causes worry. It has generated a multibillion dollar market for male enhancement, or penis augmentation. These include medications, creams, equipment, and surgery. Advertising for treatments and products that increase penis size is prevalent. Numerous pumps, medications, weights, workouts, and procedures promise to lengthen and widen your penis.

It is astonishing that so many guys wish they could alter their penis size given the 15.71 cm average penis size in Canada. Some guys believe that a penis signifies masculinity, thus they may strive to enhance it by thinking about penile augmentation.Penis enlargement surgery is one of the medical techniques men have been pursuing to alter the size of their penis. The choice to get this surgery done varies from man to man. Some could think of it as a way to fix penis-related problems, while others would think of it for cosmetic purposes. penis enlargement surgery

It’s critical to be prepared as penile enlargement surgery becomes more widespread. It involves several distinct kinds of surgical operations and can only be done by a select few surgeons. All the essential information you want will be included in this post.

What Is Surgery for Penis Enlargement and How Does It Work?

Surgery to expand the penis is performed to lengthen or enhance its circumference. Despite being existing for almost ten years, it is gradually becoming more popular online.During the treatment, a surgeon could employ skin grafts to enlarge the penis. To extend or expand the penis, they might potentially place silicone implants or fat cells. To get a longer-looking penis, some methods could resemble cosmetic surgery.

The only penis augmentation procedure that has FDA clearance is Penuma. In this treatment, the surgeon will lengthen and expand the girth of the penis using a silicone implant. To make the implant undetectable, they will embed it behind the penile skin.Penuma takes an hour on average and needs at least six weeks to recuperate. Your doctor will urge you to abstain from masturbating or engaging in sexual activity during this time.

Your groin will be slightly incised in order to make room for the implant. After inserting the implant, the surgeon will sew up the wound using dissolving stitches. The silicone implant may be changed or shaped to fit your desired penis shape and can be taken out at request.

The Advantages of Surgery for Penis Enlargement:

Even if it’s not certain, having enlargement surgery could have some advantages for you. Some claim that during sex they feel more energised. A little penis in their situation could not have satisfied their spouse.After this operation, several men claim to feel better about their physical appearance. In their defence, having a little penis made them uncomfortable during sexual activity. Sexual partners who informed them that size matters may have discouraged them. High self-esteem and an expanded or wider penis are considered to be further advantages. Some men may see an improvement in their sex lives or a revitalised feeling of their manhood.

Penis surgery risks:

There are dangers and adverse effects associated with each procedure stage for penile augmentation. Bruising around the penis or at the incision site is possible. The operation may also change the form of your penis, making it challenging to erect.The hazards of penis enlargement surgery could include swelling or bleeding near the incision. Depending on how it goes, you can momentarily lose penile feeling. Additionally, you can feel discomfort when attempting to get an erection or have an organ scar.

The incision might rip along the sutures or take a long time to heal, making the condition worse. If the doctor utilizes a fat transplant to enlarge your penis, you can also undergo fat necrosis or reabsorption. The penis may enlarge or wander after receiving a silicone implant. It’s possible that the procedure will deform your penis as well. Your penile nerves and blood vessels might be harmed by the silicone injection, which could cause erectile dysfunction or reduced sensation.

How to Pick a Surgeon Who Is Right for the Job:

When seeking for advice on how to pick a surgeon for penis enlargement, just take into account pertinent qualifications. Choose a surgeon who is board certified by a recognised regulatory organization, or who is at least CSAPS certified. The only group of its sort in Canada with highly skilled, working surgeons is CSAPS (the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

The surgeon should use before and after pictures to show the actual effects of their job. Your confidence in their competence will be bolstered by these findings. To learn what other people liked or didn’t like about their patient care and approach, think about one who has received great ratings from past patients.penis enlargement surgery cost in canada

Like other cosmetic surgeons, penis enlargement specialists must adhere to strict and rigorous patient safety requirements. Choose a person who belongs to a group that keeps its members accountable for producing high-quality work, such as CSAPS. Consider a surgeon who has access to licenced operating rooms that are routinely maintained and examined.The surgeon should be willing to consult with you before the surgery begins. They have to be aware of your medical background and requirements in order to customise the course of therapy for you. Finding a surgeon that provides individualized care and gets along well with patients might enhance your surgical experience.

Time, recuperation, and anticipated outcomes of penis enlargement surgery:

The penis doesn’t mend correctly for a fair amount of time following the operation. Your doctor will urge you to refrain from any strenuous physical activity for 30 days. They will also advise not masturbating or engaging in any sexual activity for 60 days following the procedure.Throughout your surgical recuperation, you will need to take your medications exactly as directed. To stop fat from accumulating, your penis will also be wrapped in Coban or brown tape for seven to eight days, then rewrapped for a month.

You must comprehend the details of the operation because considering penis enlargement surgery is a significant decision. Since surgery might be harmful, seek the advice of a knowledgeable surgeon and get familiar with its negative effects. Since there are no guarantees about the outcome of the surgery, keep an open mind.


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