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What Is an Option Bot?


Options are interesting financial instruments that have been around since the beginning of trade. The earliest mentions of these instruments can be found in ancient Japan when rice farmers sold the rights to purchase their crops to protect themselves against market volatility. Today, a trader uses an option bot to interact with various assets. 

So, what does “bot” mean in options trading? These instruments are widely used in all types of modern investing. You can find them on Forex, stock exchanges, and in the world of crypto. Options are derivatives that are based on a specific asset (a coin, commodity, or stock).

The world of contemporary trading is dictated by automation. Corporations and huge funds started using algorithms in the 80s. You can utilize the same power today with the help of services like Wundertrading.

How to utilize an options trading bot?

First, you need to choose an exchange where you want to start investing. After you created a new account on a platform of your choice, you need to select a provider of automation services. For example, you can go for Wundertrading. It is an industry-leading company with a plethora of tools to choose from.

The process is quite simple:

  1. Connect an existing account on an exchange to the service.
  2. Create a new bot by constructing a set of rules (a script).
  3. The bot will follow the instructions automatically.
  4. Activate as many bots as you like to ensure that you have an edge.

Automation makes trading faster, more efficient, and less emotional. You won’t make as many mistakes by fully removing decision-making from the equation and following the laws of technical analysis to ensure that your bot performs at its peak level at all times.

What are the advantages of using options bots?

Some elitists believe that you should never implement automation and try to trade only by using your own experience and wits. However, the realities of the contemporary world indicate that quick thinking paired with agile fingers is still not enough when billions of dollars are moved within seconds. You need automation to stay competitive. Let’s talk about the merits of automated trading.

The biggest benefit is the fact that it works around the clock without the need for sleep or rest. Many markets where you can trade options operate without any pauses (excluding maintenance and technical breaks). Your strategy can work 24/7 without you!

Another important advantage is the ability to finely tune your orders. Options are often employed on platforms encouraging marginal trading which can be quite dangerous without moderation. You should be very careful while engaging in such operations. To make sure that your balance is now wiped away by a single bad trade, set up your auto option bot to cut losses when everything goes south.

Modern bots are easy to configure. You can use external services like the advanced TradingView terminal with a multitude of indicators that can act as triggers for your bots. For example, you can come up with an efficient strategy involving outputs of multiple indicators. Wundertrading allows its users to integrate commands from TradingView seamlessly and achieve great results by experimenting with different trading strategies.

Should you use automation?

Any investor must decide whether they want to use specialized tools in trading. While it is possible to outperform the market without any help, most people find themselves in a situation where they cannot keep up with the speed with which price changes. It is especially important in volatile industries like crypto or high-tech.

If you know how options work, you understand the danger of trading without any control or instruments that can improve decision-making speed and help you avoid potential losses.


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