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Roles in Healthcare Advertising from Assistant to Director


There are a plethora of opportunities that an individual can get in the Healthtech public relations industry. You can progress to a director position by developing some skills and gaining some experience. But before you start your career in the PR healthcare industry, you need to learn about the roles and responsibilities.

You can start gaining relevant experience and develop skills necessary for the upper management roles. As a result, you can climb up the stairs towards higher positions in the PR healthcare industry. We will discuss the top roles and responsibilities you must fulfill in your career.

This way, you’ll get a better idea about the skills, education, experience, and other things you need to fulfil your job duties. Let’s start by understanding what healthcare advertising and PR are.

What is Healthcare PR and Advertising?

Advertising and PR are all about promoting and delivering a message about a particular service, product, or brand. Various brands hire an advertising and PR agency to handle these aspects of their business. The agency is responsible for planning and developing a PR and advertising strategy for their clients.

They work as an extension of a brand, giving their clients complete insight into the new trends and content that will work best for them. While various agencies work across different industries, some focus on a single niche. For instance, an agency can solely provide PR services to the healthcare sector.

Healthcare PR and Advertising Roles

Now that you know what healthcare PR and advertising are, let’s go over some vital roles in this industry. It will help you understand how you can progress in your career to move on to a higher position.

Public Relations Assistant

Most people start their career by taking up the position of a public relations assistant in the healthcare PR industry. It is usually the role many agencies offer to people who complete their internship and have the potential to grow. Here are the roles and responsibilities of a public relations assistant:

·       Gives ideas during the brainstorming and planning discussions

·       Draft and write a newsletter for the editor to read and approve

·       Look for ways that will help streamline the entire communication process

·       Responsible for the general PR duties and administrative work

·       Build and support relationships with the relevant stakeholders, such as news agencies.

Public Relations (PR) Executive

The PR executive’s duties are slightly more than that of a PR assistant. They are responsible for developing new strategies and implementing them effectively. As a PR executive, you must increase your healthcare organization’s exposure to its target audience. Here are the duties of a PR executive:

·       Organizing and handling the different PR events and activities

·       Ensure the activity or the event’s performance was up to the set KPIs

·       Produce reports about the event’s overall performance for the upper management

·       Leverage various marketing and PR channels to ensure the campaign’s reach

·       Arrange interviews with different media outlets to increase the reach of the brand.

·       Stay updated about the new trends in the PR industry.

·       Build relationships with influencers, media outlets, and other influential personalities in the industry

Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager is responsible for various things and has a team of professionals under it. They are a part of the mid-level management and usually have around 7 to 9 years of experience in healthcare PR. Their role comprises creating a positive brand image in front of the public eye. Here are the roles and responsibilities of a PR manager:

·       Handle the media during interviews or press conferences

·       Pitch their stores to news outlets

·       Recruit and manage a team of PR professionals, including writers, designers, etc

·       Manage and allocate the entire department’s budget effectively

·       Interact with internal and external stakeholders of the healthcare organization

·       Oversee the efforts of the whole PR department

·       Monitor the changes or any trends that can impact the organization

Public Relations Director

Lastly, you can progress to the role of a PR director responsible for managing the entire PR department. Their job is to oversee and evaluate the performance of the whole team. Moreover, the PR directors are responsible for designing and implementing new marketing strategies. Here are the roles of a PR director:

·       Develop and maintain a good relationship with the digital and social media

·       Arrange interviews with media outlets to increase awareness about the healthcare organization’s initiatives

·       See the advertising and PR efforts to ensure there is consistency

·       Handle complex situations to ensure the organization’s reputation does not get any negative impact

·       Track the media coverage about topics and news from your healthcare organization

·       Assign and monitor the progress of the task to the PR team

·       Oversee the entire PR events and activities to ensure it achieves the company’s marketing objectives

Tips to Progress in Your PR Healthcare Career

To grow and excel in your career, you must develop a specific skill set and gain relevant experience. These skills will help you work your way up the ladder, and you can quickly move towards a managerial position in a short time. Here are some tips that can help you progress in your PR career:

Build Strong Connections

The more connections you have with relevant journalists and media agencies, the quicker you can progress in your career. 

Avoid Getting Stuck in One Niche

Increasing your expertise in a wide range of areas is better than sticking to one niche. You will better understand the roles and responsibilities in the PR industry.

Be Open to Learning about New Things

You should always be open to learning about new things and gather experience throughout your career. Also, it would help if you encouraged constructive criticism to know about your weaknesses.

Wrapping Up

Healthcare PR is an exciting field where you can learn new things daily. You’ll face different things routinely so you won’t feel bored at work. Plus, you’ll get to interact with people in the media industry.

The career path in this article gives you a clear idea about your roles and responsibilities in future roles. Therefore, it opens up various avenues for you to explore.


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