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Lavan Photography


A unique, organic, and creative technique is used by Melbourne-based Lavan Photography & Videography to capture weddings in rustic and vintage styles. When you select Lavan Photography & Videography for your Melbourne wedding, you know you’re dealing with the finest of the best since they were Patrick Dangerfield’s official wedding photographer in 2016. Patrick Dangerfield won the 2016 AFL Brownlow Medal.

The amazing staff at Lavan Photography takes great satisfaction in being one of Melbourne’s top wedding photography and videography companies. Lavan Photography specializes in the fine art of capturing genuine moments in environments with natural lighting, and its aesthetic is easily laid-back and endearingly rustic. Lavan Photography

Melbourne-based Lavan photography is a group of enthusiastic and gifted photographers. They feel that there isn’t enough variety in wedding photography and would want nothing more than to create art by capturing your love story.Lavan photography is all about mood: natural yet modern; timeless yet current for today’s generation brides that seek for authenticity above conventions. Lavan photography is inspired by noises from beaches or fields at sunset.

We like documenting the joy and emotion of weddings. We always seek out the ideal golden light, add dramatic lines, or have fun with our photography by combining natural photographs with a touch of modern flare.Our aim is to capture a single, complete moment that is significant enough to warrant its own page in your wedding book, allowing you to enjoy it again when guests visit in the future.

Reasons to Appoint Lavan Photography:

What distinguishes you from everyone else? We are well aware of your thoughts. We would have an excellent joy working together during our session, but before making any significant commitment, make sure it is something worth doing and not just for show.At the end of the day, we have a fantastic product, but there is more to it than that. We are skilled photographers since this is what propels us to success, and we believe in giving you a great experience overall while capturing those photos!

We distinguish ourselves by delivering an amazing experience. It matters to you as a current or potential client of ours; we expect the same thing in return! By entrusting someone else with your memories from this point on for all time, you’re taking a risk, therefore it best be flawless or not at all.Which entails paying attention to even the smallest details: hanging up images of the two of you from your vacations throughout the house; taking those stunning photos where both of you look stunning amid choppy waters (let me get my phone here)?Along with how much fun everyone had while reflecting fondly on this trip, as many would undoubtedly later brag about their holidays.

Professional Photography  from Lavan:

Photographers use their art to express their feelings and ideas. Pictures frequently have more information than words do, which enables them to properly convey the essence of how something feels on a personal level in only one frame or a few seconds of video footage, making them more potent than words.Even if someone doesn’t care about art at all, adding strong visuals like colors with contrast ratios makes all parts pop off the page while still being simple enough for individuals who aren’t too artsy-fartsy to understand.

Comprehension of the prime area and visualization:

It’s frequently believed that only a creative mind can put it into practise. Imagine being at a beautiful area and desiring to capture its beauty with your camera lens. Now imagine how you would capture this location in excellent photos rather than choosing any old view to record while there as other people do.

The distance between us and the target region must be noted before we can find the location of our intended shot. The attention must always be on one focal point, whether it is in the foreground or background. After making the necessary adjustments, look through the shot again, making careful to anticipate the type of image that will be captured before shooting each photo by altering exposure, color balance, etc.A common photography tip that might improve your images is the rule of thirds. To construct four groups, you need two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, one on each side and one in the top-right corner for framing. This division aids in placing topics correctly and can occasionally be used in conjunction with depth perception. After that we do everything to capture your best moment of life in best way.


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