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9 SEO Trends For 2022 


Core Web Vitals

By 2022 the Core Web Vitals will top the list because it has not only been an influential ranking factor but also because it’s also becoming more powerful each year. The Core Web Vitals are a set of ranking elements that Google analyzes to determine users’ general experience on a specific website.

Core Web Vitals consist of three metrics of speed and interactivity, including the largest contentful paint (LCP) as well as the initial input delay (FID) and cumulative layout shift (CLS). LCP measures the time required for the most significant page to be loaded on the webpage, and FID measures the time it takes for the website to react to the user’s first interaction. CLS concentrates on the number of layout modifications the page has seen over its time.

As a leading seo company Singapore we experienced that enhancing Your Core Web Vitals will have an impact on the performance of your search engine ranking. 

 ‘People Also Ask.’

To get higher rankings on search results, you must include answers to frequently asked questions. This is in addition to the highlighted snippet. You can utilize an online tool for finding the keywords that the readers are looking for and incorporate them into your answers. Make sure to include concerns in your text’s H2s, the H3s, and the H4s, or even make an FAQ section.

 High-Quality Backlinks

Building authority through backlinks will continue to be a dominant factor in 2022, and I can’t imagine this going out of fashion any time shortly. I’ve observed that the high quality and quality of the backlinks play crucially in the speed and extent you can climb the ladder. Every backlink is not to be equal, and quantity over quality is growing stronger with each passing year. You can hire a professional SEO Agency in Delhi, India, that can help you acquire high-quality backlinks. 


With the popularity of online video platforms increasing in recent years, developing an SEO strategy that incorporates video is imperative. In fact, as per the study, the video market will account for 82 percent of all Internet traffic by the year 2022.

AI Content

Content created using AI optimized for SEO is a trend in SEO that is only growing more effective. This strategy doesn’t just facilitate faster creation of content and however it also ensures that it’s highly optimized.

Leveraging AI has proven to be a good filler for our company when we’ve needed lots of information in a relatively short period. However, humans need to be involved in evaluating and editing AI-generated content to ensure its quality and originality are present in the final product. Making content by itself and then incorporating it into the final product could land you in Google’s rat’s nest, and you should keep this in mind.

Voice searches will increase.

With the help of innovations like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, voice search technology has advanced. As technology grows and improves, it is also becoming more sought-after. The proportion of households with an electronic device in 2022 is projected to be 55%.

To improve your SEO in this particular search area, you must focus on keywords and lengthy phrases. Voice search results are most effective when you use longer words naturally. When people type, they usually abbreviate, and this helps search engines locate you on the internet.

Software for optimizing content

Tools for optimizing content can help you create semantically rich, high-quality content that is more prominent within Google.

Utilizing similar NLP algorithms to Google, These tools can identify keywords, synonyms, subtopics, and common questions the crawlers of search engines are looking for on a page to promote content.

We will likely see more sites making use of the potential of content tools in the coming year. I’ve noticed that content optimization has an immediate effect on the number of keywords used and average positions a site is ranked for.

Long-form content

Google prefers to rank high-quality content. While content length isn’t an element of ranking, there is a clear relationship between long-form content and higher order.

Why? because long articles are more likely to show what are known as E-A-T signals that Google considers to be quality, like extensive content that is unique research and analysis, as well as expert authorship and source.

In the meantime, Google continues to enhance its NLP algorithms as it gets more adept at recognizing quality. Therefore, take the time to give a complete description of the keywords you’re targeting, and you’ll likely get better keywords and more average positions.

Schema Markup

Schema markup code is hidden behind the scenes on your site and is used to aid search engines in knowing what your pages contain. Google makes use of schema markup to produce rich snippets of content. These snippets provide more details and help make your website more appealing to potential customers.

I’d suggest you use the MarkupHelper from Google to help you start improving your position on the search results pages (SERPs).

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