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How to manage office spaces?


Remote work is here to stay. However, the same goes for working from the office. Some prefer the former while others favor the second option. What is the perfect solution? The owner and building manager were wondering how to approach this sudden change in preferences. What they needed was a way to plan employee stream within the workspace without having to pay huge expenses for a big office. The answer was a cool and flexible desk managing application.

How does it work?

This awesome and innovative solution maps out your office space and you see it as a floor plan on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Not only will you see a detailed setup but all of your desks and conference rooms will be marked on the application. The employees will be able to schedule a desk for themselves using this same mobile application so everyone will be able to see when and where there are spaces available. Moreover, you can also map out the parking spaces in your building if have such available to you. The users can also book parking spaces. Easy, nice, and simple, isn’t it? Another awesome feature is that you get email notifications if there is any change in the office or with regard to our workstation.

How does this help office manager?

The process allows a great deal of control and planning opportunities for building managers. Image a cold day, having 15 employees spread all over the office space, having to heat and power up the entire office while it is not filled to capacity. Using such workplace management software, you can effortlessly bring all people together in one area of the office, therefore saving some expenses.

Employees and building managers can interact on the go via their mobile devices. The office management app provides flexibility and reliability to both parties. This is the way of the future.


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