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Did you know that over five million Americans can claim Scottish heritage? If you’re part of the family, then you know just how important your history is! Since we here at Clark & Sons working in conjunction with the Scottish Heritage Commission, don’t want to see your clan’s glorious heritage becoming forgotten historical footnotes on the passage of time, we offer a wide range of specially designed family crest pots, mugs and other products made from recycled stoneware to help anyone keep their heritage alive.

Go beyond the occasional Scottish festival and introduce your culture to your everyday life! One way to do that is to show off your scottish celtic heritage with Scottish tartans. Here are six tartan items that will kick start that process for you today!

1. Tartan Pillow and Blanket

Tartan has a long history. If you want to be cozy like a politician, use blue and red tartan patterns on your house clothes, blankets, tartan cushions and even carpets! Tartan can come in many more colors than those two but politicians usually wear it for their national flag.

This bold, bright & colorful addition to your living room is sure to have your family excited and won’t be easily forgotten! It especially makes for a thoughtful gift!

2. Tartan Trousers/Trews

The traditional tartan trewsand trousers are the cultural wearing of Scottish men since centuries that is an outfit to cover lower portion of belly and legs.This tartan dress date back to1538 as a medieval style of woven tartan cloth trousers as a garment preferably used during the Highland winter where the kilt would be impractical in such cold and chilling weather.

Its fully fits to every event and occasion by adding grace to the personality. 

3. Lightweight Scottish Tartan Kilts

Wear some tartan today. Nothing screams ‘I’m a proud Scot’ like a pair of our Tartan kilts for sale. They make perfect outfits for everyday casual wear, but they’re also surprisingly comfortable in warm weather, making them ideal for outdoor events and wearing on holidays.

Of course, kilts can be dressed up as well! They can be made into a beautiful formal piece of clothing by incorporating other Scottish accessories that complement the style. Your kilts will quickly become a wardrobe staple if you find the right colors and material.

4. Tartan Dog Collar

Buy Scottish dog collars from your online store and make sure you are looking at the best tartan dog collar for your dog. And when you come to buy dog leashes, you can also get them custom made for your pet so that it will fit perfectly!

This is the perfect opportunity to grab a Picture with your pride! Go out together, and you’ll see how easy it is to be yourself. You can’t hide anything when it comes to your Scottish roots, so don’t try!

6. Tartan Handfasting Ribbons

Traditional handfasting ceremonies and humanist weddings are becoming increasingly popular and now you can use your own tartan to entwine your hands. Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ceremony for weddings dating back to pre-christian times.

The ritual usually involves tying or binding the hands of the Bride and Groom.

5. Tartan Tam & Sash

Get out of the cold this winter by putting together a must-have outfit that matches your favorite tam and tartan sash. This Scottish set will look great with any outfit, and it’s the perfect conversation starter! Whatever the occasion, you’ll be dressed in your best!

Tam is a great way to pay tribute to your cultural history, especially if it’s designed with authenticity in mind.

The tam is equipped with a drawstring that will keep it secure no matter what size you need. You can wear the scottish hat with any outfit too! For example, let’s say you’re wearing a matching shirt and tie under your office suit. Then you can also wear a classic-looking tan tam hat as part of this elegant look.

Shop Tartan Today!

It’s important to embrace your heritage and to be proud of it! Here at Tartan Emporium, you can have a variety of fashionable tartans and other tartan accessories sent right to your door. We even offer genealogical resources for those who want to learn more about their personal history!

Scottish country is one of the top destinations that you can visit if you are looking to delve into your Scottish heritage and discover more about your roots. If Scotland is not at the top of your list for places to visit, it should be because the Scottish people are great, scottish heritage is some of the best in the world, and exploring your DNA makes for a fun vacation activity. Scottish Celtic country has tons of festivals, beautiful castles, historic pastures and a lot more! You will leave with an eye opened to who you really are!


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