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The Application Of Decorative Perforated Metal Sheets In Architecture Design


Dongfu perforating offers perforated metal sheets, also known as punched sheets, hole metal sheets, and numerous standard or custom design patterns. We can offer a wide variety of perforated metal products that meet your needs as a top manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal. You only need to provide a detailed specification of the material, plate thickness, hole form, hole size, hole arrangement pattern, hole pitch, order quantity, and the usual hole type in order to receive a quote and have it produced. Regarding the special hole type, our technical staff may create a CAD drawing for you based on a sample or description that you provide. Please submit any CAD drawings straight to us if you have any. With the assistance of contemporary tools and technology, the possibilities for beautiful perforated metal patterns are virtually endless. ranging from straightforward configurations of basic hole patterns to geometrical forms and even intricate pattern creations. A CAD drawing and computer-controlled software can accurately produce any detailed and complex architectural design need.

The sheet metal is then precisely perforated using either laser equipment or sophisticated perforation equipment.


We aspire to be your one-stop perforated metal factory and supplier. Dongfu Perforating offers several patterns and fabrication services for perforated metal sheets.

  • Metal plates with thicknesses ranging from.008″ to 1″ thick and a range of material grades are available.
  • holes of any size, shape, or configuration starting at 0.1 mm.
  • We provide coils, sheets up to 36 feet long, and many more specialty forms.
  • Products are made using customer-provided samples and designs.
  • Any of your ideas may be realized thanks to our turret punching and laser cutting equipment, as well as our extensive project engineering expertise.
  • Tooling punching, laser cutting, shearing, folding, forming, welding, stamping, galvanizing, powder coating, PVDF coating, anodizing, and other related service supports are all accessible to you.
  • Punching dies or tooling molds for all common standard and popular designs are available, saving money and speeding up delivery.


We must select the best material for the perforated metal in order to get the highest performance and largest benefit in a variety of industrial applications.

  • A plate of pre-galvanized steel.
  • Plates made of aluminum alloy
  • Plates are made of stainless steel.
  • Carbon steel sheets

Although aesthetics is the primary consideration, the product’s usefulness when utilized for the decoration should not be overlooked. It is crucial to take into account the properties of various metal materials, particularly when it comes to exterior architectural applications. For the creation of ornamental perforated metal, we provide a broad variety of metal materials; for more information, please visit the appropriate sites. These materials include aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, etc.

Our expert staff will also offer the best guidance for your application circumstance and particular demands if you’re unsure which option to make. dongfu perforating


Any standard or custom hole patterns, such as Dongfu perforating, round, square, oblong round, triangular, hexagonal, plum blossom, diamond, four-pointed star, five-pointed star, six-pointed star, honeycomb, alligator mouth, diamond grip strut, o grips strut, traction tread, various ornamental hole, and so on, are all acceptable. You can first choose by looking through our gallery or this page. We can custom perforate any design if we don’t already have one that matches your concept for the decoration. provides details such as hole size and spacing. When employing aluminum as a decorative perforated panel, multiple colors may be applied to the surface using powder coating. Color is another crucial component of ornamental design. Perforated metal sheets’ weather resistance can also be improved by finishes. We can further treat perforated metal sheets using a number of tools and technology, including bending, shearing, welding, and more. It is possible to create beautiful perforated metal sheets with a variety of irregular shapes, including waves, bends, and scallops.


For a variety of commercial and industrial applications, Dongfu Perforating provides a number of surface treatment choices.

  • Spraying.
  • Spraying.
  • therapy for oxidation.
  • Anodized
  • covering with powder.
  • Oil painting of ant rust.
  • PVDF paint.
  • additional surface preparation


There are several industries and applications that employ perforated metal sheets, which are supplied by Dongfu Perforating.

  • Commercial filtration
  • vibrating and screening in mining.
  • ceilings, cladding, and facades of buildings.
  • Municipal work on a fence and noise-canceling grill.
  • enclosures for electronics.
  • Guards or parts for machinery and vehicles.
  • soundproof cabinets.
  • electronic and electrical apparatus.
  • home goods and furniture.
  • dryers for grains
  • Starch, flour, and sugar are sieved.
  • baskets of food and drink.
  • medical cleaning basket.
  • Walkways, steps, and work platforms with safety gratings.

The ability to produce an unlimited number of outside effects is the most appealing feature of perforated metal sheets. Does your industrial or commercial project require the addition of a decorative component in a particular design? Decorative perforated metal sheets can offer a potent remedy, enhancing your design’s aesthetic appeal without compromising quality, function, or longevity. It has a highly contemporary and artistic appearance and is mostly employed in architectural applications for both interior and external decoration. ideal for designers and artists.

When perforated metal panels are employed as decorations, they not only satisfy design specifications but also provide numerous practical and practical advantages.

The most popular corrosion-resistant materials for decorative perforated panels are aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel, which provide the product with the longest service life. Decorative perforated panels are available in a wide range of corrosion-resistant materials. Additionally, it includes the standard hole ventilation, enabling air and light to flow. Additionally, it may be altered to include sections and opening patterns that are uneven. All of our perforated metal sheets are recyclable, reducing resource consumption and fostering sustainability. They are also energy and environmentally friendly.

We can offer perforated metal goods that satisfy the demands of businesses across several sectors as a top supplier in China. Our factory can deliver bespoke perforated metal solutions for all of your particular applications thanks to a wide range of cutting-edge and adaptable production capabilities.


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