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Repacking in Logistics: Reasons, Pluses, and Minuses


Everyone who orders freight forwarding services wants to get his or her goods and items intact and on time. to achieve such results, it’s necessary to follow standard procedures and stick to safety rules. One of them highlights that packaging is a must for the greater part of products.

Nowadays there are lots of packaging materials business owners may explore. It’s necessary to pick up proper solutions depending on the type of goods you deal with. For instance, it’s not a good idea to put fragile elements just in cartoon boxes without the extra layer of paper or wraps.

Unfortunately, not all business owners understand why repacking is a rather useful thing and not just a way to get extra money from entrepreneurs. There are the following advantages of the service you have to remember about:

●      You avoid fees and extra charges.

When it comes to professional freight forwarding, it’s of prime importance to follow all the legal rules and standards. If you do not stick to them, you risk paying extra fees. The same is true about packaging. It’s necessary to use only allowed and certificated materials.

●      It’s possible to reduce volumetric weight.

One of the aspects you have to consider when planning logistics expenditures is the volumetric weight of the freight. The wrong choice of packing materials leads to an increased volume of the content. It means you are to pay more.   

●      You minimize potential damages.

Yet, it’s necessary to highlight that damages may be minimized only if all the actions are performed by professionals. 

There are some disadvantages of repacking you should consider. They encompass the following points:

●      As a rule, you are to pay more.

Repacking is a new service you have to pay for. Only a few brokers are ready to provide it for free and only in exceptional cases. There are different prices. They depend on the number of goods, their type, and needed packing materials. 

●      Inexperienced workers can damage the content.

If you cooperate with a company you are not sure about, some problems may appear. If you hire pros, they are to organize everything in the best possible way.  Otherwise, workers are able to drop items when repacking the cargo.

●      It may lead to delays.

It’s necessary to consider that repacking requires extra time. Workers have to unpack and then repack the objects. Thus, if you are interested in fast freight express services, you need to pack all the items properly from the very beginning. It’s a good idea to ask for help from professionals. 

Yet, the greater part of minuses may be eliminated if you cooperate with a good logistics partner. By the way, nowadays it’s possible to hire cheap freight shipping companies that are able to solve all the tasks for you. You need only to define requirements and deadlines. Experts are to pick up proper routes and select the most appropriate packaging materials.

To conclude, it’s worth mentioning that business owners do not need to ignore repacking if a reliable and credible freight forwarder tells that it is a desirable option. Otherwise, you risk exploring damages and additional expenditures. 


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