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Put an end to your labor and start investing in a business


I’ve always had the ambition to run my own company, and I’ve been on the lookout for the ideal company to put my money into. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps I took to find my fed-ex route… 

Therefore, in order to get started, I put some money aside, but I was nervous about beginning a business from scratch… 

I mean, you can’t blame me; I have very little to no experience, and I’m afraid of sinking my savings into a start-up that might fail due to my lack of business skills, so I started thinking outside the box, and then I found some cool routes for sale. What are routes? I’ll tell you what they are in a minute. Let us investigate the areas below… 

Where are commercial routes? 

You can pick any niche you want, such as a pool cleaning route, a bread delivery route, even a pastry route, and even FedEx routes, but all in all, routes are a business that requires you to build a customer database where you can service customers day to day or week to week. Routes are independently owned businesses that require you to either service, transport or deliver products. What I loved about owning a commercial route is that you control your destiny. You can pick any niche you want, such as 

Which way should I go about moving forward with this? 

I was walking to the local corner store when I saw a woman hop off of a FedEx truck. She appeared very happy and as though she enjoyed what she was doing. It was one of those square-shaped box trucks, and the job appeared to be an easy job as she was in and out. As a result, I began to think about what would happen if I found a parcel delivery business that was for sale. I went online and began searching for delivery routes that were up for sale. While doing so, I discovered a website called that specialized in selling commercial routes that were up for sale. Intrigued, I entered  FedEx routes for sale into the website’s search bar to determine whether or not any such routes were currently up for sale. Although I have not yet found the route that I am looking for, I am fairly certain that I will find a FedEx route that is up for sale at a price that 

You should always be passionate about something you do and of course wait for the right opportunity, I chose to buy a FedEx route because I enjoy making others smile and we all know how happy we become when our delivery comes whether it’s from Macy’s or amazon I want to be that person delivering products to my clients! In conclusion, I wanted to point out that rushing to start or buy a business is not always a good idea. In this article, I wanted to point out that rushing to start


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