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Looking To Move Your Tiny Home To A New Location?


Use our tiny house moving guide to learn how to properly prepare and execute a tiny house on wheels transport.

You’ve been waiting so long for the contractor to finish the construction of your tiny home. Or perhaps you’re finally at the end of your DIY tiny home build. Hopefully by now you’ve scouted out the perfect place for parking your new home.

Welcome to the exciting tiny home community! These homes have definitely increased in popularity with simple living in a tiny space. Estimates currently place the amount of tiny homes in North America to be around 10,000.

Before fully becoming a part of the tiny home nation, you’ll need to get your home to its new parking spot and get settled in. A tiny home transport is by no means easy, particularly for the inexperienced.

Not to worry though. We have provided some useful tips and valuable information to help you get your tiny home moved from point A to point B with as few difficulties as possible.

Keep on reading to learn everything there is to know about transporting your tiny home on wheels.

Getting The Tiny House Prepared For Transport

First things first are getting all the hatches and anything else that can move properly secured. The last thing you are going to want is your personal items flopping around while the home is in transit and potentially risking damages.

Be sure to use straps to secure your appliances like your stove and refrigerator or laundry machines. These appliances can cause significant damage if they shake loose inside your home. Pay close attention to things like cabinet doors as well. Some doors have a magnetic lock built in to help secure them during their transport. If your cabinets are not secured then zip ties or duct tape can be used to keep all the doors closed during transit. Be careful with the tape method if your cabinets have a delicate paint or finish on them as tape can easily cause damage as well.

Be sure to box up as many of your personal belongings as possible. Some tiny home owners will even rent out a separate space in a moving truck specifically for their boxed items.

If you have plans to frequently move your tiny home, you will want to borrow some ideas from the RV world while minimizing the amount of things you’ll need to take down each time you plan to move. Also check the outside of your tiny home and secure any loose hookups for water, gas, electric or sewage. It’s also a good idea to board up any lower windows to prevent road debris or rocks from bouncing up and damaging the glass.

Hiring A Transport Company To Move Your Home For You

If you don’t feel confident moving a tiny home yourself, you can hire an experienced transport company to handle this part for you. There are a few types of moving companies you can choose from based on your current situation.


If you are planning on travelling overseas or to Hawaii, or need to move your home from one side of the country to the other, you can look into freight transport. Be sure to shop around for the best transport options that meet your budget and current situation.    

Some freight shipping companies provide roll on/off options where the truck loads the tiny home right onto the boat. It then meets the home on the other side and unloads it from the ship. This is the ideal shipping method since you don’t need to fit the home in a shipping container.


Hiring a transport company is still an option even if you don’t need to move far. There are many companies around that can haul a tiny home just as a regular moving company moves boxes or furniture.

Going with an experienced tiny home moving company is a great choice if you are not confident in handling the move yourself or if you simply prefer using a professional company to handle the move. An experienced tiny home moving company will have the necessary equipment and know how required to get your home moved and delivered safely.

Towing Your Tiny Home Yourself

Many tiny home owners possess a very strong can-do attitude and have the desire to move their tiny home on their own. Aside from it being a liberating experience, hauling your tiny home on your own can help you save a lot of money.

A Big Truck For A Big Job

The first thing you’re going to want to have is a large truck, and we aren’t talking about a standard pickup truck either. You will need a heavy duty truck designed to haul heavy loads. If your truck isn’t equipped to handle the weight of your home, you’ll be going nowhere really fast!

Check The Weather

Be sure to check the weather for when you’re planning your move and once more prior to your departure. Bad weather can be very dangerous when having to move a large load like a tiny home. Fast winds are notorious for knocking over a tiny home due to their height.

Bad rains can also make the roads slick causing the home to weigh even more and causing it to go over its weight limit for the truck. If the weather forecast looks bad you should hold off on moving your tiny home until the weather has cleared. And if bad weather does sneak up on you, you can always pull over and hang out in your tiny home until it clears.

Getting The Necessary Permits

If you have a tiny home that is over 8.5 feet in width, you will require a wide load permit and specialized equipment in order to make it legal safe to haul on public roads. Every state has different laws regarding road legal vehicles so be sure to check the laws on the state you plan to move to or travel through.

Going Tiny For The Long Haul

Owning a tiny house can be a great adventure. Transporting your tiny home is a large part of the adventure. Be sure not to stress yourself to the point where you can’t enjoy the journey!      


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