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Cross-Docking Logistics Services: When You Need to Order Them


Being a business owner means being responsible for dozens of things. It’s necessary not only to create a relevant business plan but find reliable partners and gain as many customers as possible. One of the most challenging aspects you have to deal with is logistics. If you think that it’s enough to hire the first freight forwarder you find on the Internet, you are wrong.

It’s of prime importance to select a freight broker who meets the needs and requirements of the very your business. Simple googling provides you with hundreds or thousands of possible variants. Yet, it’s better to deal with carriers with good reviews and reputations. But even when you manage to find your ideal logistics partner, it’s important to pick up relevant services.

The option of cross-docking is one of the most popular ones. It allows business owners to reduce total delivery time and satisfy even the most demanding clients. How? Let’s figure it out.

The main aim of this logistics option is to fully eliminate or significantly lower the storage time. It means that the inbound truck is unloading almost at the same time as the outbound vehicle is loaded. Then, the cargo is delivered to the final customer. It goes without saying that this service has both pluses and minuses. The main advantages of the process are the following:

●      High turnover rates. The service allows you to reduce inventory shelf-time. 

●      You pay less. You do not need to pay extra money for storing your goods. The same is true about labor costs.  

●      Faster delivery period. It’s possible to reduce the delivery period while the items are uploaded and downloaded almost simultaneously. 

●      You get more satisfied clients. Your customers are able to get the needed products faster. No wonder, they are more satisfied. 

At the same time, there is a list of disadvantages you should know about. They are the following:

●      The service is rather effort-consuming. It requires lots of planning, designing, and calculations. It’s better to entrust this task to professionals.    

●      It’s important to cooperate only with professional workers. This service requires special knowledge and skills.  

●      The use of special tools and equipment is a must.

●      The risks of damage are increased. It’s necessary to arrange all the items as fast as possible. No wonder, the risks of damage are rather high.

If you are ready to create proper conditions for using cross-docking services (or hire specialists from Excel Logistics company who are able to pick up the best facilities for you), you may consider the use of it. It’s a good way out when it comes to shipping different types of goods to various locations. It’s also a good solution when it’s necessary to deliver items too early or too late. By the way, a cross-docking option is able to solve the problem of overweighted cargo. It’s possible to shift your load or unload items to keep you compliant.

To sum it up, it’s necessary to highlight that cross-docking is a relatively new but rather efficient logistics solution for both large and small companies. It’s only important to find a good a good forwarder who is able to organize the shipping process in a good way.         


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