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3 easy ways to improve the look of garden


Finding and buying Malta real estate with a garden can sometimes be difficult, especially for first-time buyers. It is a well-known fact that buying property in Malta with a garden in well-developed localities like Sliema or St. Julian’s can be near impossible and quite costly. However, increasing your budget and looking in other localities such as Balzan, Marsaxlokk, Attard, and Siggiewi will give you a better chance of discovering a property for sale with a garden.

This guide is designed primarily for people who have either discovered the right property in Malta with some outside space or just wish to make their current garden more welcoming for guests this summer. So, what are three easy ways to improve the look of your garden?

1.     Flowers

The first thing that we suggest of how you can improve the look of your garden is to introduce nature. The introduction of different types of coloured flowers which are in season will not only increase the number of colours in your garden but will make it more beautiful. For those who don’t know anything about gardening but want to impress their family members and friends, we would highly suggest to buy different types of flowers that are mature and in season.

2.     Outdoor furniture

If you want to enjoy the warm weather in your garden, it is important to install outdoor furniture. Commonly, deck chairs and loungers are the most used. But why stay in the common when there is the possibility to make it unique? Hang a hammock or a seat for comfort but in a more original way. You could also install sofas with lots of cushions and a rug. Often forgotten, they make the beauty of a garden.

3.     Lighting

Finally, the important thing is to understand that an exterior should be as attractive during the day as it is at night. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to the lighting. The garlands bring a warm atmosphere without being too aggressive. Otherwise, nothing better than the installation of a brazier which will offer you warmth, light and a cozy atmosphere that allows you to consume roasted marshmallows.

Many options are available to make your garden look more attractive, especially during the summer months. It is important that when buying a property in Malta with a garden, or before renovating your current garden, you thoroughly study the land well as you will find the best possible layout.


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