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Top 10 Camping points in Australia


Australia offers the finest of the greatest, including breathtaking beaches, coastline vistas, national parks, and exceptional weather. The nation also offers some fairly incredible places to pitch a tent, so you may take full use of and admire the nation’s outdoor environments.

There are so many incredible places to spend some time getting back to nature, from seaside locales with white sandy beaches and brilliant turquoise oceans to outback campgrounds that will make you feel like you’re on another planet. Some campsites are free, while others require reservations because of high demand. Anywhere you travel in Australia, you can almost always expect to have an amazing camping experience buyers guides at Adventurerz. (Hopefully you’re able to withstand kangaroos and nasty crawlies visiting your campground!)

1. New South Wales’ Coffs Harbour, for starters

Looking for a campsite with a view of the shore and Horseshoe Bay in the distance? Then stop your search. One of Australia’s best coastal campgrounds, Horseshoe Bay Caravan Park is encircled by beaches, trees, and the ocean of course. Although the five-hour drive from Sydney is a bit of a trek, the spectacular road trip stopovers along the way make the journey worthwhile.

2. Queensland’s (Millaa Millaa)

You have probably seen a snapshot of the well-known Millaa Millaa falls a few times. It’s a tropical paradise, and Mt. Bartle, Queensland’s tallest mountain, 

at a height of 1,611 meters (5,285 ft).

3. The third is Margaret River, Western Australia

Amazing beaches, famous surfing, vineyards, and caf├ęs can all be found at Margaret River. There are several campgrounds within a three-hour drive of Perth. It’s the ideal camping location all year round because of the spectacular coastal sunsets and the seldom below-zero winter temperatures.

4. Kalbarri (Western Australia)

When visiting the west coast, be sure to visit Kalbarri National Park, which features miles of famed red and white striped rock formations, gorgeous walks, and river gorges and best camping chairs. The wildflowers will be in bloom if you visit around the correct time of year, adding a stunning splash of colour to the national park as far as you can see.

5. Queensland’s Daintree National Park

This national park, which is a part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage region, is a sanctuary for infinite rainforest, stunning beaches, and varied animals. This isn’t your normal camping trip; the Noah Beach campground is located 50 metres from the water’s edge, amongst moss-covered trees.

6. New South Wales’ Blue Mountains

The Ingar Campground in the Blue Mountains is totally free on a first come first serve basis and is about two hours from Sydney. Make careful to pack warm clothing if you’re visiting in the winter because the mountainous climate is undoubtedly different from that of Australia’s top camping spots.

7. South Australia’s Flinders Ranges

Look no farther if you want to truly experience the outback or even have the impression that you are on Mars. Grab a spot at Wilpena Pound Campground, a five-hour journey from Adelaide, and explore the 540 million-year-old scenery. I advise you to travel in the winter as the summer might be very hot.

8. Australia’s Jervis Bay, number eight

Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay is the place to go if you want to see the world’s purest water and the whitest beaches. The winter months provide vistas of humpback whales moving north, while the summer months deliver magnificent bright days and high temperatures.

9. Victoria’s Grampians National Park

This national park, which is located off the Great Ocean Road’s shore, offers breathtaking mountain vistas as well as unlimited opportunities for nature treks to take in everything the region has to offer. There are overnight walks that lead you to some fairly magnificent camping locations tucked away on mountain summits if you’re really feeling daring.

10. Western Australia’s Esperance

The little hamlet of Esperance on Western Australia’s south coast is what genuinely distinguishes the west coast from other regions. Amazing bushwalks and coastline vistas surround miles of sparkling seas and white sand. Lucky Bay is a fantastic oceanside location to set up a tent, about 40 minutes from Esperance.


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