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Rare Carat: How To Use Them To Find Cheap Diamonds


Rare Carat Review

There’s never been a more precious, incredible experience than showing just how much you love someone, how much you want someone, today, tomorrow, and forever than with a beautiful diamond ring. It will always be the moment of a lifetime, where everything stood still, as if, it was just you and your special one. No one else mattered.

This is exactly the kind of experience Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace wants you to have. To give you that special cherished moment that will always be treasured. In this Rare Carat Review, you will discover everything you need to know about Rare Carat Diamonds from why they’re so highly regarded, the most affordable diamond marketplace, the tools they offer, their AR tool, and many more.

If at any point during this Rare Carat Review you get confused or need further explanation, please contact us. We will respond.

How to Use Rare Carat’s Website

The concept behind Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace’ website is quite simple. It is, in fact, similar to the likes of Amazon or Etsy, a marketplace, where they have a very well-optimized search engine that will help and filter that specific diamond that you are looking for. The system they’ve created makes it super easy for you to find the perfect diamond. There are two ways, through their A.I. technology-infused questionnaire or a comprehensive search.

This A.I.-driven questionnaire is perfect for someone who just isn’t sure yet what they want and they just want to get a general opinion or what matches (algorithmically) their choices. The questionnaire is composed of 7 super-simple questions. Choose what you desire and it will provide you with results.


  1. Pick a set: a complete ring, a loose diamond, or other jewelry
  2. Pick a ring design: solitaire, halo, pave, or three sone
  3. Pick a category: natural conflict-free or lab-created diamond
  4. What’s your budget?
  5. Pick your diamond’s shape: ovalcushionradiantpear or round
  6. Pick a quality: super high quality, maximize size, or balanced quality & size
  7. Choose a result: all matching or best cut diamonds

Now, Rare Carat Diamonds is a marketplace so if you want complete control, simply click on “search all diamonds” and this is where it gets a little bit tricky. In this Rare Carat Review, there are 8 main filters for you to modify but with 13 other advanced filters. This is essentially the same process as the A.I.-driven questionnaire, it still is A.I.-driven except now the A.I. is there to give you the fastest and most relevant information.

How the 8 Main Filters Work

Diamond Type:

  • Lab-made diamonds are diamonds that look virtually the same but can be larger than a typical diamond while keeping the price low
  • Natural diamonds which often follow strict conflict-free policies are the diamonds typical bought by most consumers


  • Set what price you are willing to minimally spend as well as your maximum


  • This sets the mass or size of the diamond itself. Remember, the bigger, the more it’ll cost. Try the “ring viewer” for a much more visual experience


  • The “cut” simply refers to a diamond’s brilliance. The rarer you go, the more you’ll come to understand how a “diamond shines”


  • The shape determines the way the diamond looks; round, princess, oval, cushion, heart, etc…


  • Determines how colorful or white you want it. The whiter, the more expensive. Generally, G-H is the perfect balance between quality and price


  • Clarity essentially means tiny cracks in the stone or “inclusions.” If your diamond has a lot of inclusions, it will look hazy to your eyes


  • Essentially, it makes how your diamond reacts to light whether that’s UV light or sunlight. This is more of a balancing act, if your diamond is more yellow, the reaction it gets from sunlight could also drastically reduce its yellowness which raises its expression and value

For Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace, it has always been one of their goals that they achieve simplicity and transparency throughout their services so that you will never make a blind purchase. If you can’t visualize your diamond, what’s the point they provide you with all the information you’ll need, photos, and even a 360-view of all their listings. Some even have 3D videos and there’s also a gemologist that you can easily talk to via chat.

Please note that in this Rare Carat review, there are some debates about lab-made diamonds, and how they’re “fake.” They are not “fake.” They are real. The only difference is that their often bigger in size and cheaper in price but they are virtually identical.

How to Choose a Diamond 

Choosing a diamond can be daunting as well as expensive. A lot of factors must be considered before choosing a diamond however in general, based on reviews and surveys, a diamond that’s 0.75-1 carat, VS1 clarity, with a very good to excellent cut, and either a G or H in color meaning near white.

Experience of Shopping

With over 2,450+ Rare Carat reviews and millions of visitors, the online experience by Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace stands out as being the best diamond marketplace and the most affordable in the industry. It is an incredibly well-optimized, hassle-free movement with multiple payment options available to you. Rare Carat keeps itself competitive by using A.I. technology to find the cheapest high-quality diamonds in the market.

The buying experience of Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace is incredible. It is minimal but detailed. It keeps its approach simple but uses very sophisticated technology to get you the diamond or ring that you want. It even remembers your previous choices such as your search parameters or what specific diamond you were looking for. Given that Rare Cart Diamonds is one of the cheapest diamond marketplaces with thousands of positive Rare Carat reviews. You can easily find the exact diamond or ring that you are looking for that is priced at $100 cheaper.

If you want to know more about them than this Rare Carat review, they even have a blog. They give you so much, to help build that confidence you deserve in purchasing a diamond or ring. They offer chat assistance with an actual human being, not a robot but a real human.

The Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace come with 6 guarantees:

  1. 100% Money-Back: our vendors are thoroughly vetted but should you ever feel dissatisfied then you can get your money back 100% guarantee, no questions asked.
  2. Free Resizing & 30-Day Returns: ring too small? Send it back for free and we’ll resize it for you.
  3. Each diamond is thoroughly vetted for its authenticity.
  4. Here’s a secret: each diamond has its identification number laser inscribed.
  5. Free Insured Shipping: delivery is via UPS or FedEx, a nondescript box with your package will arrive at your home. The only thing it needs is your signature.
  6. Unbiased Gemologist Reviews: our gemologists are unbiased and objective in their analysis.
  7. Lifetime warranty: diamonds are thoroughly checked and evaluated. You are given a lifetime warranty that the product you receive is up to the highest quality.

Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace’ Customer Service

An important factor to consider in this Rare Carat review is that what most businesses are missing today is quality customer service. A kind, accommodating, and knowledgeable staff goes a long way. This is something Rare Carat take into consideration as they were building their business. There are three ways to contact them; online chattelephone number, or email.

Why Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace’ is Great

  • Excellent customer experience
  • Qualified gemologist
  • A.I. driven technology
  • Thousands of positive Rare Carat reviews
  • Very well-optimized search engine
  • Certified by GIA and AGSL.
  • All diamonds are thoroughly vetted
  • All diamonds are certified

Comparing Prices via Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace’ Search Engine

With over a million+ diamonds across multiple sellers and thousands of positive Rare Carat reviews. The “perfect diamond” exists and this Rare Carat review will prove it to you. The search engine is very robust with its availability to sort through prices, carat, cut, clarity, and more. It is so easy to compare prices between diamonds just by looking.

If you’re ever unsure about a particular diamond you’ve chosen. You can always chat with one of their qualified gemologist who’s an actual human, not A.I. and if you want even more information, you can always scroll down and click on “Rare Carat Report” which will give you a completely unbiased analysis of the diamond you’re looking in.

The Rare Carat Report™ is a free tool designed for consumers whereby they can enter the certificate number of a diamond and through artificial intelligence, receive an unbiased assessment of their diamond’s strengths, weaknesses, and pricing. All of this is to help you, buy with confidence. It’s simple and transparent.

Rare Carat AR Tool 

You can have your ring designed and fitted by using the AR, Augmented Reality app. Augmented Reality lets you digitally visualize how the engagement ring appears on your finger. with the diamond’s extraordinary shapes and sizes. You can view your hand through an AR app on your mobile phone, tablet, or your laptop. A whole catalog of ring designs is superimposed on it. And you find yourself trying on the ring virtually. 

If you are having difficulties, understanding what AR or Augmented Reality is. Think holograms. Similar to movies such as Minority Report or Bladerunner, it shows you in real-time what it could look like. This way, you can choose the perfect diamond from thousands of designs. You can get the exact size of the ring for your finger, without going to a jewelry store. Or experiencing the search overload online. 

Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Diamond Industry:

  • 3D Modelling and demonstration of the jewelry become easy with AR.
  • A product catalog is used to attract buyers and advertise the jewelry. 
  • A picture may present a diamond as attractive but how it will look in reality remains vague. 
  • A product catalog cannot provide this experience. 
  • Augmented Reality represents every model in 3D. 

This Rare Carat review has noticed that for the online market, it is a challenge to show the product’s value to its buyers. Photos of the diamonds may differ from reality. 

As they say, seeing is believing. Then trying on a diamond ring seals the deal. 

How Does a Virtual Try-on Help a Buyer

Simply put, it works as a visualizer via your smartphone’s camera. It projects an image. The software uses trackers to align the virtual jewelry with the user’s finger. The tracker is either a piece of paper with a specific symbol or an anatomical point of reference. It depends on the model type and how the software is programmed.

Benefits of AR :

  • At Rare Carat, AR objects help consumers to see an interactive and engaging 3D animated model, using the market-based AR app. It increases user engagement and interaction.
  • The customer can try on different designs and compare them instantly.
  • It facilitates the gathering of users’ data and its analysis, which are used to improve the consumers’ experience.
  • AR apps help maximize customer outreach. It is accessible to customers 24/7. 
  • Positive Rare Carat reviews regarding the benefits of using AR
  • A buyer receives recommendations from a virtual assistant
  • You can share interesting products with friends
  • The AR app can be updated

While it is not easy to find a suitable AR app that fully satisfies the buyer’s need,

  • the AR tool gives a sensory experience with the diamond ring, motivating customers on what to buy and why.
  • Users feel like they’re in the store, without going there.
  • You can try the ring anywhere, anytime.
  • With the AR app, consumers can shop conveniently.
  • AR is new and gives a unique experience to buyers. 
  • It helps provide personalized service to many consumers.

How Rare Carat ships its diamonds

Confirming The Diamond

Whether you ordered a loose diamond or a complete ring, the shipping process is the same. When you place your Rare Carat diamond order, the team will work to confirm your diamond. Check with the suppliers to make sure the diamond is available since the latest update of inventory on the site. It takes 24 to 48 hours, 72 hours at its maximum for this process. There is no fee for this.

Suppliers overseas are notified that there’s a buyer for the diamond. They will have a final check on the quality of the diamond. Notify if there are factors that did not appear in the images and may make it undesirable. With the customer’s best interest at hand, a recommendation of other stones is offered that may be a better choice if the one bought is not recommended by them.

If the diamond was marked as having some undesirable characteristic but the buyer still chooses the diamond, all is well. You then confirm your purchase; the diamond is marked “confirmed available” and funds will be processed.

Your account will then be charged for the price of the order. An invoice is sent to your email, with the breakdown of charges.

When Your Order is Confirmed

When the diamond is shipped from the supplier, it is flown overseas going through customs to head to the US. This may take longer than others- since the pandemic, time is unpredictable. You as the customer will be informed if you need to expect a slightly longer lead time. (by a few days only).

The Manufacturer


When customs clears the diamond, it is sent to one of our manufacturers. They will inspect the laser inscription and diamond information on the report, as to carat weight, color, and clarity, to make sure it is the diamond that was ordered. Once it is confirmed as the same diamond, it will either be handcrafted into a complete ring, packaged, or sent to you. Or as a loose diamond, if there is no setting in the order. 

Before shipping, a diamond’s authenticity is checked by verifying the laser inscription on its girdle with its identification number. This can be seen under magnification. All jewelry is inspected thoroughly throughout the manufacturing process before shipping.

Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace Delivery 

Free Insured Shipping

Rare Carat is the middle man between you and the diamond seller. So it does not have its shipping service. Shipping locations differ according to each diamond retailer.

Free insured shipping by all its sellers is assured by Rare Carat. Your diamond will arrive directly from the wholesaler or retailer, through FedEx or UPS. Each package will need to be signed by you or someone authorized, 18 years old or older. Tracking information will be sent through your email the night before shipping of the package, to make sure someone is at home to sign for it upon its arrival.

How long will it take to get your ring from Rarecarat?

The process takes from 4 weeks to a few months. It will depend on your person and the final design of the diamond. So be sure to give yourself sufficient waiting time

Free 30 days Return Policy

Rare Carat offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Vendors are thoroughly checked from their credit checks, industry reference checks, financial reviews, and much more. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, we have a 30-day return policy. No Frills, no restocking fee, and no BS.

What if the Rare Carat diamond I bought, doesn’t fit?

No, problem. This is part of our no BS return policy. We offer free resizing of your ring, at zero charges, so long as it’s within 60 days of you receiving your order. Your return or resizing will be promptly handled. Rare Carat also offers a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Benefits of using Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace:

  • Rare Carat provides a safe way to buy your diamond or ring
  • Rare Carat is the diamond industry’s only third-party money-back guarantee. 
  • Rare Carat reviews are rated ‘5’ by many buyers.
  • Rare Carat offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not receive your chosen product as it is shown on the website. 

Rare Carat has a strict quality check process for its diamond sellers. It vets all its vendors, using credit checks, industry reference checks, and financial reviews. You can be sure that the Rare Carat diamond is a quality diamond. 

Every retailer or wholesaler on the Rare Carat site allows a buyer to check out the diamond and, if you choose to, send it back for a full refund within 30 days.

30-day returns are offered, with no shipping, no replenishment stock fees, no BS 

Diamond Price Matching

In this section of the Rare Carat review, we’ll talk about diamond price matching. You will learn how to get the best price on your diamond purchase. The price of a diamond is negotiable. Talk to a gemologist to start your negotiation.

A Price Match

A price match has one company matching the lower price of another company on the same item. A customer usually shops at various companies for the same item, so he can get the best price.

When it comes to diamonds, a particular diamond may be for sale by different jewelers. In this case, the diamond is located at the diamond cutter, not the jeweler. Each jeweler works within its own perimeter to sell the diamond. So the same diamond is for sale by different jewelers, at different prices.

How does Price Match Work

The idea behind this is relatively simple. It’s finding the exact same diamond that you’re looking for and giving you a looking price. Essentially, it’s about finding you the same exact diamond without the “brand price.” Still the same quality, same build, just no markup.

This is where Rare Carat’s robust search engine comes in handy. Once you’ve found the diamond or ring that you want, simply put its characteristics on our search engine from cut, clarity, carat, shape, to color, and soon enough, you’ll be presented with a plethora of options to choose from.

By using Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace, you are guaranteed that all diamonds have their very own certificate of authenticity. Certified by GIA and AGSL.

Conclusion: Rare Carat Review

In this Rare Carat review, you have learned what makes Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace so special compared to other marketplaces. They offer some of the most competitive prices. The user experience and overall customer buying experience is one of the calmest and cleanest you will ever experience.

Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace is a definitive must-visit diamond marketplace. Though not perfect, it certainly lives up to the hype. There’s never been an easier platform to search for the perfect diamond and ring. Keeping their services simple and transparent. Rare Carat Diamonds Marketplace is a marketplace, perfect for the customer looking for much cheaper alternatives whilst retaining that top-standard diamond and ring quality.

If at any point, you were confused during this Rare Carat review or you wanted a further explanation at certain sections. Please contact us. Type in the comments. We’re here. We will respond.


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