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We’ve all heard that during the past three decades, computer programming has become quite popular. These days, a lot of students desire to major in computer science in order to land a job at their ideal tech firm, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and others.

Describe programming?

In this blog article, we shall define the term “programming,” as well as its usage and a number of other phrases that are closely connected.

How to understand programming in simple words

To “instruct the computer” is to essentially give it a set of instructions expressed in a language that the computer can comprehend. There are several possible forms of instructions. For instance:

  • Rounding off a number
  • Adding two digits, etc.

Computers can comprehend a limited number of languages, much like humans can (including English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, etc.). A programming language is a particular syntactical structure that is used to express instructions to computers.

Perform numerous tasks“: The tasks might be straightforward, like the ones we just covered (adding two numbers, rounding a number), or complicated, requiring a series of different instructions. For instance:

 • Using the principal, rate, and period to calculate simple interest.

 • Estimating a stock’s five-year average return on investment.

The two activities mentioned above demand intricate math. In most cases, they cannot be described in straightforward directions like adding two integers, etc.

In conclusion, programming is a means to instruct computers to carry out a certain activity.

Why would you want to learn how to code?

You must be asking why a computer is required in order to add or round off numbers. even for a straightforward interest calculation? After all, even a student in the eighth grade can accomplish such things with ease when dealing with enormous numbers. What is the purpose of programming? What advantages do computers provide?

Computers, however, have a lot of advantages:

• Computers are quick: they operate quite quickly. You can do a lot with computer programming if you know how to use it effectively. An addition of two numbers that might be as large as a billion apiece only takes a fraction of a second on a typical modern computer. Reread for only a moment! Therefore, a computer can conduct around a billion additions in a second. Can a human ever accomplish that? The average person can only perform 10 adds per second, forget about a billion. Computers are therefore very quick.

• Computers are affordable: if you were a stock market analyst who needed to keep track of the information for, say, 1000 stocks so you could trade them rapidly. If you were to do it by hand, just picture the hassle that would result! It is just not practicable. The price may fluctuate while you are calculating the stock’s performance. The second option is to employ staff to watch multiple stocks concurrently. That implies a huge increase in your expense. Not to mention the difficulties you may have if some of your staff members make a calculating mistake.

What is Programming Language?

As was already explained, computers can interpret commands that are expressed in a certain syntactical structure known as a programming language. A programming language gives a programmer a means of expressing a job such that a computer may comprehend and carry it out. To learn more about programming languages, see our blog entry on “What Is a Programming Language?” Python, C, C++, Java, and other widely used programming languages best platform

The benefits of learning computer programming

After learning so much about programming, the crucial issue is: Why should you study computer programming? Let’s examine why:

• Programming is enjoyable You may develop your own video games, personal blog or profile page, social networking site like Facebook, search engine like Google, or online store like Amazon using programming! What fun would that be? Imagine making your own game, uploading it to the Play Store, and seeing millions of downloads!

• A technology company’s foundation: Giant computer programmes created by a team of thousands of expert programmers form the foundation of today’s technological giants, like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and many more. Knowing programming can benefit you if you have the correct business sense.

Your first programming endeavour

Programming languages like Python are often utilised. It is quite user-friendly for beginners. Python is available for download at Run the installer after downloading it to get Python set up on your computer.

Now let’s start writing some Python code. Copy and paste the next three lines into your preferred text editor (Sublime Text is recommended):

a = 54

b = a ** 8

print b

Save the document as my first to your desktop.

Depending on your operating system, choose one of the following:

Python my first should be entered in the command prompt window of Windows.

• On Ubuntu or Mac OS X, type python my first in the terminal window.

What appears on the screen when you press enter? You will see the following very immediately after pressing the enter key:


Which is that? Your computer calculated the number in a flash: 548! A average person would need minutes, if not seconds, to determine the outcome. You realise how powerful computers are?

You’ve finished writing your first programme, congrats. Let’s examine its operation.

a = 54

Here, we are stating that there is a “placeholder” named a, to which the number 54 is assigned.

b = a ** 8

In this case, we’re defining a new placeholder named b and giving it the value a ** 8. In this case, a has the value 54. Therefore, we are actually calculating 54 ** 8. Describe **. The “power” operator is denoted by the ** symbol. A**B stands for ab.

print b

 After the calculation is complete, we want to show the outcome on the screen. The print statement, which effectively tosses the output on your screen, has been employed for this.

That was an overview of computer programming’s fundamentals. I hope you found it interesting. There is plenty to learn more about in the vast subject of computer programming. Continue your research and education. Posting questions in the comments area is welcome. If you think your doubt could be stupid, please don’t worry. Every uncertainty or query is significant. No question is ridiculous in and of itself.

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