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How To Automate Trading In TradingView?


If you are a broker, trader, or stock market investor, there is no doubt you have heard of the TradingView platform, and also for the process called TradingView automated trading.

Simply put, TradingView uses its own developed tool, named TradingView bots in the automated trading process of trying out different trading scenarios from the stock market. The main goal is to help users create a better and more successful trading strategy over time. 

TradingView is a specially developed platform that allows traders to try all these strategies directly on the stock exchange. That way, their trading career should be safer and much more cost effective.

What Exactly Is TradingView?

TradingView is a world-renowned online platform that analyzes in detail the individuals and companies that trade through the stock exchange. TradingView is a safe online place through which it is possible to monitor and analyse global markets for oil, cryptocurrencies, gold, etc. 

The best thing about TradingView is that it is constantly being implemented and strives to make trading easier for its users.

The up-to-date platform presents analyses and financial statistics of trade of many individuals and companies. It does this by using up-to-date statistical charts, as a form of constantly active and accurate financial statements.

To provide its users with as much success as possible, TradingView has many helpful tools such as WonderTrading, TradingView strategy bot, and TradingView alert bot.

What Does That Mean?

With WonderTrading it is possible to create your own unique TradingView strategy bot which is then automated directly on the TradingView platform. 

Your TradingView bot will do the hard work for you, ie. will make sure that you have as few wrong turns as possible during trading and thus save you time and money,

How Does Trading Bot Work?

The TradingView platform is built using a programming language called PineScript. Thanks to PineScript, traders who use TradingView can choose the trading criteria that suit them and create their specific TradingView scripts.

 Once when the strategy is developed, it can be tested directly in the trading process. On short notice, the TradingView platform will show you the results and facts feedback of your backtesting. That way, traders and investors can constantly improve their trade script and strategy to achieve better results as quickly as possible.

The best thing is the possibility to hone the strategy in as much detail as needed.

TradingView Alerts

The strategy you have created can be automated using WunderTrading. Specifically, the Trading View bot sends a signal to Wunder Trading, which initiates the creation of a strategy account and which is then sent to the stock exchange.

After launching its strategy on the stock exchange, the trader can turn on TradingView Alerts which will signal to him via a chart when all the pre-set criteria are met.

The process of automated trading bots is relatively simple. You must first register an account with TradingView and link it to your API account. After that, you create a TradingView bot and set the criteria. Then you need to follow the steps to synchronize the operation of the TradingView bot and Trading View alert.

When you harmonize all that, the rest of the process mostly depends on pre-set criteria.


While it sometimes seems like automating TradingView is reserved for experienced stock traders, it’s a great choice for beginners. Trading Bot and TradingAlerts are great tools for testing various scenarios and strategies and an easy way to learn stock trading. Often a lot depends on what kind of goods you trade with and what pre-criteria you have chosen.

A bonus is that the TradingView platform is safe, and all presented charts are real-time. This way, you will find yourself on the safe ground from the very beginning of your trading on the stock exchange.


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