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For 2022, a Definitive Guide To Melbourne’s Best Bars


When it comes to bars, cbd speed dating has a unique set-up. We have a diverse range of venues, from large-scale favorites to laneways teeming with secret cocktail bars, whiskey bars, and wine shops. Whatever your beverage of choice is, Melbourne speed dating australia is certain to have it and then some.

The greatest bars, pubs, and rooftop wbars in Melbourne’s CBD are all within walking distance of one another. Find Melbourne’s most famous hidden bars as well as local sports pubs that broadcast every game live. Enjoy the whole list of wine bars from St Kilda to Windsor, Footscray, Brunswick, and Fitzroy.

Rooftop Bars in Melbourne’s CBD in 2022

Melbourne is known for its coffee, culture, and, more recently, speed dating over 40s. Any occasion or mood may be met with a cocktail bar with a view. We’ve got you covered whether you want to amaze your guests with panoramic views, spend a quiet evening out on the balcony, or have a few drinks on the greatest Melbourne bar roofs. With so many CBD roofs to choose from, you’ll be able to choose one that matches whatever is going on in your life.


Footscray is known as Melbourne’s speed dating hipster centre, and as a result, there are plenty of pubs. However, this does not imply that they must all be dull mega-pubs or pricey cocktail bars. In reality, Footscray is brimming with tiny, family-run pubs where residents go to share a few beers with friends. Here are some of our favourite hangout areas for settling down and having a few drinks with friends.


In the lookout for a drink on Chapel Street’s south end? Then you’ve arrived to the correct location. We searched this southeastern enclave to see which establishments provide the coldest beers, swankiest cocktails, silkiest wines, and most distilled spirits (and we’re still suffering the price with a pounding headache). We’ve got you covered for Friday knockoffs, cocktails with pals, and wine with mom.

If you’re looking for a place to quench your thirst in Windsor, here’s a list of the greatest bars in the city.

Melbourne’s Best Nightclubs

The top melbourne cbd nightclubs  and bars  waiting for you. These clubs will make your night unforgettable if you’ve been aching to get out and around. We have the ideal club for you, whether it’s electronica, house, trap, or hip-hop that gets your pulse racing. With this list to Melbourne’s greatest nightclubs, you can venture into the warmer months with your friends. Get on the D-floor and leave your dignity at home — we’re ready to unleash some bangers!


Fitzroy provides any sort of drink or atmosphere you’re looking for. Sharp wine bars, dozens of superb pubs, two of the world’s top cocktail bars, a whiskey specialist with table service, and, of course, a variety of modest, unassuming bars line the streets. And here’s the greatest part: They’re all within walking distance of one other.


Brunswick is located just north of Melbourne’s website central business district. Brunswick, formerly the actual multicultural heart of the metropolitan region, is now Melbourne’s hipster epicentre. Many independent boutiques and thrift stores, as well as a wide range of stylish cafés and restaurants, can be found in the region. It’s also home to a few of Melbourne’s hippest bars. Take a peek at the top 10.

Lady of the Shadows


The majority of Melbourne’s pubs are equivalent to one another. They’re divided into nice tiny groups. The Shady Lady, labelled ‘Tropical Thrift Store,’ is in a class by herself. It’s the idea of co-owners MandyJo Reinier, Rosie, and Georgina Maughan, and when it first launched in early 2018, it pushed the boundaries of shabby-chic. Every too-cool, minimalist, Scandi cocktail bar ever created is the polar antithesis of The Shady Lady. It’s also one of the few establishments in town that serves picklebacks, which consist of a shot of whiskey followed by a mouthful of pickle brine. They’re really addicting, especially when you’re sitting in the run-down beer garden, soaking up the ambience and chinwagging till the early hours of the morning.

Gerald’s Bar is a place where you may have a drink


You might argue that, whereas Fitzroy and Collingwood are known for their cocktails, Carlton North is known for its wine bars. Take, for example, Gerald’s. Since 2007, the wine has been flowing regularly, and there are more than 200 bottles to select from, with a mix of traditional favourites and punk-rocking contact wines. Gerald’s selection, though, isn’t what keeps residents coming back again and again. It’s the fact that this pub is always the same: Michael Caine is always beaming down from the wall. Your name and favourite drink are remembered by the staff.


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